Bewitching Kisses

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Besos Brujos / Bewitching Kisses
Theatrical release poster
Directed by José A. Ferreyra
Produced by Alfredo P. Murúa
Written by José A. Ferreyra
Enrique García Velloso
Cinematography Gumer Barreiros
Edited by Emilio Murúa
Daniel Spósito
Distributed by Sociedad Impresora de Discos Eletrofónicos, Sociedad Impresora de
Discos Eletrofónicos (SIDE)
Release dates 30 June 1937
Running time 78 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Bewitching Kisses (Spanish: Besos Brujos) is a 1937 Argentine romantic drama film musical directed and written by José A. Ferreyra, based on a story by Enrique García Velloso. Starring Libertad Lamarque and Floren Delbene.

The film is based on tango dancing, an integral part of Argentine culture.


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