Bessarabian Peasants' Party

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Bessarabian Peasants' Party
Partidul Țărănesc din Basarabia
President Pan Halippa (1918-1921)
Ion Inculeț (1921-1923)
Founder Pan Halippa
Founded August 23, 1918 (1918-08-23)
Dissolved 1923
Headquarters Chișinău
Newspaper Cuvânt moldovenesc

The Bessarabian Peasants' Party (Romanian: Partidul Țărănesc din Basarabia) was an agrarian political party active in Romania, founded in Chișinău, Bessarabia, on 23 August 1918.


The party's program called for all large estates to be distributed to the peasants, universal suffrage for men and women, the development of cooperation among villages, state-funded primary education and a decentralised administration. The grouping was led by Pan Halippa (1918-1921) and Ion Inculeț (1921-1923).

The party helped to push through a radical land reform in Bessarabia's legislature, Sfatul Țării (November 1918). Its leaders were in charge of the Directorates, which handled current affairs in Bessarabia, and worked to include their party in a political structure that would encompass the whole country. Internal divisions caused the party to split, with one group led by Sergiu Niță joining the People's League (April 1920); another, headed by Halippa, joining Ion Mihalache's Peasants' Party (July 18, 1921);[1] and the third, led by Inculeț, joining the National Liberal Party on 20 January 1923.[1]

The merger between Halippa's group and the Old Kingdom party headed by Mihalache ensured an important Bessarabian electoral basis for the latter.[1]

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