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The words "Best Friends Forever" inscribed on the Golden Gate Bridge

Best friends forever or BFF is a phrase that describes a close friendship typical of teenage girls and young women.[1][2] Such friendships are characterized by intimacy, trust and a sense of permanence.[3] The contacts between the close friends tend to be frequent and be based upon shared experiences such as attendance at the same school.[3] Such relationships are common in high school but, rather than lasting forever, tend to deteriorate when the parties go to college.[1]

In elementary and middle school, best friendships often last less than one full academic year.[4] Eileen Kennedy-Moore says that parents can help children cope with a friendship rift through strategies such as empathizing, discouraging retaliation, and encouraging relationship repair. [5]

The term BFF as in Best friends forever has been used at least since 1987.[6] A large survey of friendship in the UK in 2003 found that people had nine close friends on average.[3] In 2009, social networking service Myspace launched "BFF," an online game show series that tested how well best friends knew each other.[7] In 2010, the BFF concept was made part of a BFF contract "to encourage the signatories to work through their differences before splitting up."[8]


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