Best Friends Together

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Best Friends Together
Best Friends Together.jpg
Author Rosie Rushton
Country Great Britain
Language English
Series Best Friends Series
Genre Young adult literature
Publisher Piccadilly Press Ltd.
Publication date
29 October 1998
Media type Book
Pages 176
ISBN 978-1-85340-464-1
Followed by Best Friends Getting Sorted

Best Friends Together is the first part of the Best Friends series by Rosie Rushton. It was published in 1998 by Piccadilly Press Ltd.


Plot introduction[edit]

Chloe Sanderson is the daughter of TV presenter Suzy Sanderson. Chloe's father is very nervous and he beats his wife. But Suzy cannot divorce him.

Jasmin Johnson's family comes from the Caribbean. They lived in London, but they moved to Leeds after her father fought with young bandits. Jasmin's mother thinks that her daughter should have friends who are black because white teenagers do not have any respect for traditions. Jasmin's parents are the owners of a cafe, where Jenny Bowen works.

Sinéad Flaherty's mother received 500,000 pounds from her uncle. Sinéad's father decided to buy a new flat in Wharfside. The Flahertys spent holidays on Majorca and Shaun bought a new car. Sinéad's mother is upset, because this money made her husband crazy.

Nick Bowen's father died and he left debts. That is why he and his mother have to live in little house with his grandmother. Nick is very mysterious about his father and his own past.

Sanjay Fraser is interested in computer animation (especially the 3D one), but his father wants him to be a lawyer. Sanjay cannot tell his dad about his ambitions, because he's afraid of his reaction.

Plot summary[edit]

New school year starts. Chloe's friend, Emma, left school and she feels lonely. Luckily she finds a new friend, Jasmin Johnson. Jasmin helps her with sending an e-mail to Jack Kempton - a boy, whom she met during holidays in Greece. Meanwhile, Sinéad meets her friends from Burnthedge - Bianca and Abby. The girls receive presents from Sinéad - a pearl and a bracelet. When they realise how much money Sinéad's family has, they start to make Sinéad spend it for their clothes and accessories. Sinéad does not see anything wrong in it, until she overhears Bianca's and Abby's conversation about her. She ends friendship with them and finds a new friend - Chloe, who was her enemy for a while.

Nick starts new school, but he is very upset. He meets Sanjay Fraser, who is short and everybody from his class think he is a weirdo. Nick talks to him, but Sanjay is sad, because Nick is tall and he always knows, what to say. Luckily, he discovers that Nick is not as self-confident as he looks and they become friends. Sanjay is very pleased with Nick being nice to his sister, Rani.

Chloe has a birthday party at Jasmin's parents' cafe. She invites Nick, Sanjay, Jasmin and Sinéad. Sanjay talks to Jasmin and he falls in love with her. Sinéad wants to impress Nick, but she knows that he's in love with Chloe and she can't change it.


  • Chloe Sanderson - Suzy Sanderson's daughter. She's 16 years old and she's very pretty and wears fashionable clothes. She's in love with Jack Kempton.
  • Jasmin Johnson - her family cames from the Caribbean. Jasmin's mother thinks that, it's better to be friends with people of the same race. Jasmin is Chloe's friend and she's in love with Sanjay.
  • Nick Bowen - sportsman. He's new in the school and he's Sanjay's friend from the moment they met. At first he was very mysterious about his father (he left debts and his mother had to pay them), but he finds bossom friends, who can know about everything. He's in love with Chloe.
  • Sanjay Fraser - he thinks that computers are better than humans until he mests Chloe, Nick, Jasmin and Sinéad. His father is from Canada, and his mother is Indian. He has got a younger sister.
  • Sinéad Flaherty - she is not very popular in school. Her "friends" used her to buy them new expensive clothes and accessories.
  • Suzy Sanderson - Chloe's mother, TV presenter.
  • Edward Sanderson - Chloe's father.
  • Josephine Johnson - Jasmin's mother.
  • Harry Johnson - Jasmin's father.
  • Jenny Bowen - Nick's mother.
  • Joan Andrews - Nick's grandmother.
  • Duncan Fraser - Sanjay's father, scientist.
  • Dipti Fraser - Sanjay's mother, scientist and writer.
  • Rani Fraser - Sanjay's little sister. She's got Down syndrome.
  • Kathleen Flaherty - Sinéad's mother.
  • Shaun Flaherty - Sinéad's father.
  • Erin Flaherty - Sinéad's sister.