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The Best Ranger Competition is an annual competition held in Fort Benning, Georgia. It is a two-man team competition where competitors must be active military who are Airborne Ranger School Qualified[1] While competitors must meet the aforementioned qualifications, the event itself is open to the public.


In 1981 a civilian organization was formed under the name of Chairborne Rangers, Inc. The organization was formed under Dick Leandri,who was a personal friend of the former Commanding General of Fort Benning, Lieutenant General David E. Grange, Jr. Leandri wanted to honor Grange, so he and several other businessmen formed Chairborne with the purpose of supporting an event.[2] The popularity of the event has grown so much since its inception, that many bases hold Pre Best Ranger competitions to select the best teams available.


The events has been cancelled two times since 1982. The first was in 1991, due to Operation Desert Storm, and the second was in 2003 during the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

List of Winners[edit]

Year Soldier Soldier Unit
1982 SFC Philip Sebay SFC Charles R. Light 3rd Ranger Company, Benning Ranger Division
1983 SSG Michael Tilson SSG Kevin Connell 2nd Ranger Company, Mountain Ranger Division
1984 SGT David Bazemore III SGT Gregory Georgevitch 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
1985 SSG Harvey Moore, Jr. SGT Paul Scurka HHC, 75th Ranger Regiment
1986 SGT Paul Scurka SGT Bart Sexton HHC, 75th Ranger Regiment
1987 SSG William Ulibarri SGT Ross Wilson 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
1988 SGT John Schlichte SPC Karl Schlichte 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
1989 SGT Guy Fichtelman SGT Mike Sonnenschein 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
1990 SSG Mark Sheehan SSG Bobby Beiswanger 4th Ranger Training Brigade
1992 SFC Tom Wilburn AFC Alven Brashier 5th Ranger Training Brigade
1993 CPT Blain Reeves SSG Erik Wilson 4th Ranger Training Brigade
1994 CPT Edward Garcia 1LT Michael Richardson 82nd Airborne Division
1995 SSG Eric White CPT Michael Trisler 25th Infantry Division
1996 SSG Jeffrey Struecker SPC Isaac Gmazel 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
1997 LT Hansen LT Robershaw 101st Airborne Division
1998 SFC Eric Riley SSG Thomas Smith 4th Ranger Training Brigade
1999 SSG Teran SSG Moran Ranger Training Brigade
2000 2LT Messerschmitt 2LT Ahern IOBC Detachment
2001 GYSGT Keith Oakes SFC William Patterson 5th Ranger Training Battalion
2002 PT Duane Patin SSG Daniel Jenkins 5th Ranger Training Battalion
2004 SSG Colin Boley SSG Adam Nash 75th Ranger Regiment
2005 CPT McCallum SFC Nelson 4th Ranger Training Battalion
2006 SFC John Sheaffer SPC Mikhail Venikov 75th Ranger Regiment
2007 MAJ Liam Collins MSG Walter Zajkowski United States Special Operations Command
2008 SSG Cherry SSG Broussard 75th Ranger Regiment
2009 SFC Simms SFC Stackpole Ranger Training Brigade
2010 MSG Turk MSG Ross United States Special Operations Command
2011 MSG Turk MSG Walter Zajkowski United States Special Operations Command
2012 MSG Kevin Foutz SFC Thomas Payne United States Special Operations Command
2013 SFC Raymond Santiago SFC Timothy Briggs Ranger Training Brigade
2014 2LT Michael Rose 2LT John Bergman 25th Infantry Division


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