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Best Warrior
2010 Best Warrior Logo.png
Frequency Annual
Location(s) Fort Lee
Years active 13

Army Best Warrior is an annual competition overseen by the Department of the Army as a means of identifying and recognizing soldiers in Active, Special Operations, National Guard and Reserve components of the United States Army. Each year, each participating Command sends their best enlisted soldier and non-commissioned officer to Fort Lee to represent their unit.

During the competition, competitors are tested for their aptitude through board interviews, physical fitness tests, written exams, urban warfare simulations and other soldier tasks and drills relevant to the Army's operating environment.

In addition, Warriors will go before two selection boards composed of six senior sergeants major from across the Army. These boards, chaired by Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston, evaluate competitor appearance, military bearing and knowledge of critical Army topics.

The Soldier and Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year receive prestigious honors and cash awards in recognition of their achievements and represent the Army at special events throughout the year.

Past Competition Winners:

Soldier of the Year:

Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year: