Best of Groove Coverage

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Best of Groove Coverage
Compilation album by Groove Coverage
Released May 31, 2005 (2005-05-31)[1]
Genre Electronica[1]
Length 65:48[1]
Label Central Station[1][2]
Groove Coverage chronology
Poison (EP)
Best of Groove Coverage
21st Century

Best of Groove Coverage is a compilation album by the German Euro-Trance band Groove Coverage, released in May 2005.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Moonlight Shadow"
  2. "Poison"
  3. "God is a Girl"
  4. "Runaway"
  5. "7 Years and 50 Days"
  6. "The End"
  7. "She"
  8. "Moonlight Shadow"
  9. "Remember"
  10. "Million Tears"
  11. "Beat Just Goes"
  12. "Are U Ready"
  13. "Moonlight Shadow" (Warp Brothers remix)
  14. "Poison" (Friday Night Posse remix)
  15. "God Is A Girl" (Alex Konrad remix)
  16. "The End" (Special D remix)


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