Beta Crateris

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Beta Crateris
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Crater
Right ascension 11h 11m 39.5s
Declination −22° 49' 33"
Apparent magnitude (V) 4.48
Distance 266 ly
(81.6 pc)
Spectral type A2III
Other designations
11 Crateris, BD−22°3095, HD 97277, HIP 54682, HR 4343, IRAS 11091-2233, SAO 179624, FK5 421

Beta Crateris (β Crt, β Crateris) is a star in the constellation Crater. Beta Crateris is a white sub-giant belonging to the spectral class A2, has apparent magnitude 4.48, and is about 265 light years from Earth.


Shared with κ Hya, this star was Al Tizini's Al Sharāsīf (ألصرسىف), the Ribs, — i.e. of the Hydra, — and the first of the set[1][2]

In Chinese, 翼宿 (Yì Sù), meaning Wings (asterism), refers to an asterism consisting of β Crateris, α Crateris, γ Crateris, ζ Crateris, λ Crateris, ν Hydrae, η Crateris, δ Crateris, ι Crateris, κ Crateris, ε Crateris, HD 95808, HD 93833, θ Crateris, HD 102574, HD 100219, HD 99922, HD 100307, HD 96819, χ1 Hydrae, HD 102620 and HD 103462.[3] Consequently, β Crateris itself is known as 翼宿十六 (Yì Sù shíliù, English: the Sixteenth Star of Wings.)[4][5]


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