Beth Greene

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Beth Greene
The Walking Dead character
First appearance "Bloodletting"
Created by Glen Mazzara
Portrayed by Emily Kinney
Occupation High school student / farmhand
Significant other(s)

Jimmy (deceased)

Zach (deceased)

Beth Greene is a fictional character from the American horror drama television series The Walking Dead, which airs on AMC in the United States. She was created by former showrunner Glen Mazzara and is portrayed by Emily Kinney since the series' second season. Unlike most of the characters in the show, she has no counterpart in the graphic novels the series is based on. She is the daughter of veterinarian and farmer Hershel Greene and younger half-sister of Maggie, and later joins the group of protagonist Rick Grimes after her family's farm is overrun.

The character's first major story arc involves her contemplating suicide following the disposal of the undead corpses of her mother, brother and friends, until she changes her mind. Beth eventually becomes the primary caretaker of Judith, Rick's baby daughter. Kinney was part of the recurring cast in the series' second and third seasons, before being promoted to a series regular in the fourth season.

Television series[edit]

Beth Greene is Hershel's younger daughter and Maggie's younger half-sister.

Season 2[edit]

In the mid-season premiere of season 2, she sinks into a deep depression after watching her family members and neighbors - who had become walkers and were being housed in her father's barn - get shot. (One of these was her mother, Annette, who was still undead and tried to attack Beth when she ran to her, only to be pulled away from Beth and killed by Andrea.) She attempts to convince Maggie to commit suicide with her and shortly afterward, attempts it on her own by cutting her wrists in the bathroom, but eventually she changes her mind. She later loses her boyfriend Jimmy when the barn is over run by zombies, as well as Patricia, a farmhand on the Greene farm who was very much a member of the family to her.

Season 3[edit]

At the beginning of season 3, Beth becomes a more confident and useful member of the group, and is skilled at killing walkers. She also seems to have caught the attention of Carl Grimes who has a child crush on her. Much of her storyline in season 3 revolves around worrying and caring for her father, who had been bitten by a walker on the leg (which was immediately amputated by Rick Grimes to prevent the infection from spreading) and subsequently recovered. At the prison, she is often seen looking after baby Judith. When the Governor attacks the prison a second time, Beth hides with her father and Carl in the forest, and returns to the prison when the Woodbury army retreats.

Season 4[edit]

In the beginning of Season 4, Beth's storyline is mainly caring for Judith, and the other members of the group. She has seemed to have grown to be more mature and wise. During the mid-season finale "Too Far Gone" Hershel is murdered in front of Beth, Maggie, and the rest of the prison group when the Governor cuts his head off with a katana. Beth later comes across Daryl, where he responds to her with "We gotta go, Beth, we gotta go", the two are then seen leaving the prison together.

Beth and Daryl are in a short section of "Inmates", first fleeing walkers, and later trying to track down other members of their group. They break into several arguments as Daryl has given up all hope and Beth has faith that other people survived and they can find them. In the end, they find the remains of recent attacks and Beth cries for the first time since seeing her father killed while Daryl waits for her to continue on.

The episode "Still" centers entirely around Beth and Daryl and their life following the fall of the prison. They spend an entire night crammed into the trunk of a car, waiting for a large herd of walkers to pass and then camp in the woods, eating a snake that Daryl kills. Daryl has stopped communicating so Beth declares she's tired of it and that she's going to find a drink so he reluctantly follows her. They go to a country club, and find the remnants of a small class war as well as a few walkers which Daryl angrily kills. Beth first finds a bottle of wine, but must use it to kill a walker and then finds a bottle of Peach Schnapps, but cries when she finally has it in front of her. Daryl smashes the bottle, telling her "Ain't gonna have your first drink be no damn Peach Schnapps" and takes her instead to a moonshine still he'd previously found with Michonne. Beth and Daryl end up playing "Never Have I Ever", getting drunk in the process, which leads to a bitter fight between the two of them. Daryl attacks Beth for being coddled and unfeeling, and Beth attacks Daryl for letting his fear get the best of him. He admits that he feels guilty for her father's death because he didn't save him and Beth comforts him. Later, they sit on the porch, and Beth reveals that she doesn't think she'll make it, but she thinks Daryl will as long as he lets go of his past. To help him do that, she suggests they burn down the moonshine still which they do, flipping it off as they walk away.

In the episode "Alone", Beth and Daryl eventually come across a funeral parlor, which still appears clean and the food does not have dust on it. Daryl quickly determines someone has been using the funeral parlor for shelter. Beth talks to Daryl about his feelings but the moment is interrupted by a sound at the door; when Daryl opens the door, expecting to see a stray dog from earlier that day, a herd of walkers instead attempts to barge through the front door. Daryl orders Beth to run outside and meet him while he fends them off. Once Daryl makes it outside, Beth is nowhere to be found and a car with a cross on the back window is seen speeding off, leaving Beth's fate unknown.

Season 5[edit]

Robert Kirkman confirmed that Beth's story is not over yet and that she will return in Season 5.[citation needed]