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Beth Hirsch is a singer-songwriter from Tampa, Florida, born on October 18, 1967. Hirsch is best known for her collaboration with Air on their critically acclaimed album Moon Safari. Her first solo album, Early Days, was released in 2000, followed by Titles & Idols in 2001. After a series of collaborations with artists including Pale 3, Jakatta, and D*Note, Hirsch released her third solo album Wholehearted, in 2007.


Singles & EPs[edit]

  • "Miner's Son" (1998, Artefact)
  • P-Town Rubies EP (1999, Dorado)
  • "Life Is Mine" (2000, !K7)
  • "Nest Sensation" (2001, !K7)
  • "Indelibly You" (2008, Electric Bee)
  • "Something to Tell"/"So Many Things" (2010, Ho-Hum)
  • "Confusion" (2012, Venus Recordings) (as AlfaBeth)
  • "Let Him Go And Go To God" (2014, Venus Recordings) (as AlfaBeth)
  • "Love Is For Everyone" (2014, Self-Raising Records)
  • "Summer" (2015, Venus Recording) (as AlfaBeth)

Notable collaborations[edit]

  • D*Note - D*Note (1997). Featuring Beth Hirsch
  • Wasis Diop - Toxu (1998). Vocals on "Everything (...Is Never Quite Enough)"
  • Air - Moon Safari (1998). Vocals on "All I Need", "You Make It Easy"
  • Marc Collin - Les Kidnappeurs soundtrack (1998). Vocals on "Main Theme"
  • Pale 3 - The Princess and the Warrior soundtrack (2000). Vocals on "The Tunnel"
  • Jakatta - Visions (2002). Vocals on "One Fine Day", "Home Away from You"
  • Pale 3 - Crash (Music from and Inspired by the Film) (2005). Vocals on "Arrival"
  • D*Note - Laguna (2006). Vocals on "Everybody Loves the Sunsine", "Wichita Lineman", "At Last I'm Free", "How Long", "Guinevere", "Edit and the Kingpin", "Then Along Came You", and "Being Alive".
  • Various Artists - Café del Mar, vol.15 (2008). Vocals on "Under My Star", with Gelka.
  • Billy Rivera - "21 Grief Street" (2011). Vocals on "Cold Corner"
  • Rosita Kess - Northern Sky (2011). Vocals on "Northern Sky"
  • Karmacoda - Eternal (2011). Vocals on "Love Will Turn Your Head Around".
  • Solar Bears - Supermigration (2013). Vocals on "Our Future Is Underground".
  • Bright Light Bright Light - "Make Me Believe In Hope (Blueprints Version)" (2013). Vocals on "Grace".
  • The Willow - "In The Meanwhile" (2013). Vocals on "So Many Things".
  • Karmacoda - "Love And Fate" (2015). Vocals on "All For Love", "We Don't Have A Lot Of Time" and "Message".


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