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Bethany College of Missions
Motto Living with eternity in view
Established 1948
Type Private, Interdenominational Evangelical Christian
Director Dan Brokke
Students 135
Location Bloomington, Minnesota, United States
Colours Blue and White

Bethany College of Missions, or BCOM, is a private Christian college, focused on training missionaries since 1948. Bethany College of Missions offers a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies with minors in TEFL, Early Childhood Development (Montessori), Social Entrepreneurship and Kingdom Justice; an Associate of Arts in Intercultural Ministry; a one-year Certificate in Bible and Missions and a one year Certificate in Pre-Field Preparation. The college campus is located in Bloomington, Minnesota with additional learning taking place around the world through the Global Internship program.


Bethany Fellowship was founded by five families in 1945. They were all members of Bethany Chapel (now known as Bethany Church), which was founded in 1943. These families believed they had entered into a deeper, more passionate relationship with Jesus and were seeking to give all they had to God. The possibilities of the sanctified Christian life and the unfinished task of world missions greatly inspired them, but most of their time, energy and money were needed to support their families and maintain their homes.

After much prayer and discussion, they believed they sensed God leading them to sell their possessions and pool their resources to acquire a common residence where they could live, worship and work together to fulfill their goal. Consequently, in 1945, they sold their homes and combined their belongings to support their newly formed organization, which they called Bethany Fellowship. The headquarters were established in a large, 30-room home in Minneapolis called “Bethany House.” The purpose of this community life was to reduce unnecessary work and expense entailed in maintaining several households so that more time and money could be given to missions. The name “Bethany” was chosen because it was a place Jesus is said to have preferred and would retreat to for prayer and reflection with the Father.

As time went on, Bethany began to expand. Soon they had outgrown both the chapel and the house where they all lived. As a result, in April 1946, they purchased a 62.5 acre farm in Bloomington, MN. Along the way, Pastor Hegre believed God had given him the vision of preparing and sending missionaries throughout the world, spreading the message of Jesus to many distant places. Therefore, Bethany set the faith-filled goal of sending 100 missionaries from their gathering of 50 people.

Bethany College of Missions began with 10 students in October 1948. In the early years, graduates of what was then called “Bethany Fellowship Missionary Training Center” served with various sending agencies. In 1963, Bethany Fellowship Missions (now called Bethany International Ministries) was formed. The first developments were in Brazil, and included a Bible school, church planting work, publishing house and seminary. Today Bethany has sent hundreds of missionaries, founded numerous churches, missionary training centers, and trained church leaders in almost 40 countries.

Business ventures have also been Bethany’s primary source of funding through the years. Some early business ventures were wood toys, lefse griddles, pop-up camping trailers and printing. These ventures funded the work of missions and supported the college. Bethany House Publishers (BHP) was formed in 1956 to spread the good news of Christ through publishing and printing Christian books and literature. It was sold in 2003 to Baker Book House. Bethany Press International was created in 1997 as a separate ministry to print books produced by BHP and other publishers.[1]


Certificate in Bible and Missions - Nine months on campus studying in biblical and theological studies, personal spiritual development, missions and ministry.

Associate of Arts in Intercultural Ministry - Two years (4 terms) on campus focused on biblical and theological studies, personal spiritual development and courses in missions and ministry and practical experience through regular outreach and a required 2-week mission experience known as TREK.

Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies - Four year program composed of two years (4 terms) of study on campus, and 16 months (4 terms) of study overseas through the Global Internship program and a final on campus capstone term.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies also have the option within the program structure to pursue the following minor concentrations:

  • Kingdom Justice - allows students to focus their Intercultural Studies program on issues directly related to seeing the presence of God’s Kingdom on earth

exemplified in responding to issues created by human injustice such as racism, oppression, human trafficking and persecution.

  • Social Entrepreneurship - allows students to focus their Intercultural Studies program on bringing social change through the use of innovative partnerships and entrepreneurial business models to collaboratively identify problems and define solutions.
  • Early Childhood Development - allows students to focus their Intercultural Studies program on the specific needs of younger children. Students will gain a

foundational understanding of theories of how children develop and learn and will examine the planning and implementation of learning activities for young children in areas of practical life, language development, science, art, mathematics and culture. Use of the Montessori Method is the focus of this program. When done with the Associates or Bachelor degree programs leads to a Certificate in Montessori Teaching.

  • TEFL—Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - is designed for students who wish to pursue teaching English in an intercultural ministry setting. The concentration, when done with the Associates or Bachelor degree programs, includes a Certificate in TEFL

Master of Arts in Intercultural Leadership - designed to equip leaders in today’s missions movement, whether serving on the front-lines as missionaries, working to develop national leaders, or serving as strategic senders.

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies - designed for missions practitioners, to develop a deeper understanding of intercultural, biblical and theological studies.

Master of Arts in Intercultural Education - designed for people who will be training others for mission. While some of the courses are missiological, the focus is on how to train others in mission concepts and methodology.

All MA programs are provided entirely online and are available from anywhere around the world.


Bethany College of Missions holds candidate status at the Certificate, Associate, Baccalaureate and Masters levels with the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (5850 TG Lee Blvd. Suite 130, Orlando, Florida, 32822 Ph. (407) 207-0808).

Candidate status provides membership in the Association, and is a pre-accredited status granted to those institutions that meet the ABHE Commission on Accreditation Conditions of Eligibility and possess such qualities as may provide a basis for achieving accredited status within four years.


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