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Betnoti is located in Odisha
Location in Orissa, India
Coordinates: 21°44′08″N 86°51′00″E / 21.735503°N 86.849928°E / 21.735503; 86.849928Coordinates: 21°44′08″N 86°51′00″E / 21.735503°N 86.849928°E / 21.735503; 86.849928
Country  India
State Orissa
 • Official Oriya
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Betnoti is a village in the Mayurbhanj District in the state of Odisha, India. The village has a population of around 10,000 located at 21.73 (latitude) 86.85 (longitude) on the side of National Highway-5. It is 23 kilometres (14 mi) from Baripada, the district headquarters of Mayurbhanj, and 194 kilometres (121 mi) from Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. It is well connected by road and South Eastern Railways.

There is a daily train that goes from Bangiriposhi to Bhubaneswar on daily basis (Except on Sunday from Bangiriposhi to Bhubaneswar and Saturday (from Bhubaneswar to Bangiriposhi)).

There is a DMU train that runs between Bangiriposhi and Balasore.

Betnoti is well connected by road transport. Buses to Bhubaneswar , Kolkata , Jamshedpur are available from Betnoti.

Betnoti is about to become a "Notified Area Council". There are small-scale industries, financial institutions, national banks and utilities in the village. It manufactures Sabai Rope and Sal-Leaf plates.


There are somny schools and colleges in Betnoti, Betnoti College one of the top college under North Odisha University, Maharaja Purna Chandra High School, Raghunath High School Raikama, etc.


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