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Beto Carrero World
Fire Whip Roller Coaster
Location Penha, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Coordinates 26°48′09″S 48°36′52″W / 26.802481°S 48.614367°W / -26.802481; -48.614367Coordinates: 26°48′09″S 48°36′52″W / 26.802481°S 48.614367°W / -26.802481; -48.614367
Owner Beto Carrero
Operating season All year
Area 14.000.000 m²
Total more than 100 approximately
Roller coasters 7
Water rides 3

Beto Carrero World is an theme park that opened in December 28, 1991, in Penha, Santa Catarina, Brazil. It is the largest theme park in Latin America. The park was developed by Beto Carrero, who died in 2008. Is part of Beto Carrero entertainment complex, which contains an automotive center and plans to build other theme parks. Beto Carrero World has a total area of 14 square kilometres (5.4 sq mi), with shows, rides, and a zoo.


João Batista Sergio Murad, (Beto Carrero), was born in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo. When young, João helped his father in the treatment and handling of animals on large farms. Some years after, was radio advertiser, businessman and farmer. Despite his poor childhood, he never gave up his dream: be a hero. Zorro was the inspiration for the creation of the cowboy Beto Carrero. Beto Carrero Adventures had a radio show and started to be famous. In some months, Beto got a lot of fans. But people wanted to know if Beto Carrero was a real person or not. So João Batista had a great idea: he founded a circus company, where his character, Beto Carrero traveled throughout the country. Build a theme park was his another dream. After a trip to Disney parks, he was decided: "I'm gonna make the largest brazilian theme park". Beto Carrero sold everything he had, and purchased a large farm in Penha, Santa Catarina State. With some friends helping, Beto was gradually building his fantasy land. He chose Santa Catarina because it is the most visited state by tourists, have many

Fire Whip Roller Ride

beaches and natural wonders. It was the right choose: Beto Carrero World won the title of most important tourist resort of Santa Catarina and primarily responsible for the substantial increase in the flow of tourists in the state.

Castle of Nations


Beto Carrero World is located on the coast north of Santa Catarina. It is 35 km from Camboriú, 60 from Blumenau, 66 Joinville, and a few kilometers from the Navegantes Airport, the park is equidistant from towns that offer shopping tourism, ethnic celebrations, food, and many beaches.

The park is separated into seven areas, with rides, shows, and many other attractions:

Nation's Avenue[edit]

The front door of the Beto Carrero World, has several major attractions and areas of service and food.

Big Tower & FreeFall


  • Castle of Nations: with 10.444 square meters is the largest building of the park. Inside there, shops, cafes, restrooms and lockers.
  • Carousel: Classic amusement park ride.
  • Baby Elephant: Children's ride with flying elephants, an allusion to the film Dumbo.
  • Pedal: a beautiful and romantic stroll by the lake next to the Pirates Island.
  • Beto Carrero 4D: A motion simulator cinema with 3D glasses, water and air effects.
  • Palace Of Ice Cream: as the name implies, is a house made of ice cream, all themed with pictures that resemble these.
  • Food Court: one of the largest structures in the park, whose center is one of the finest rides in the venture,Venetian Carousel, lit with 1,800 lights and two floors.
    Venetian Carousel
  • Events Square: central location of the park, which hosts major events
  • Ferris Wheel: Another classic ride. The wagons have a hat format.
  • Cable Car: 30 meters high, the visitors can have full view of the park.
  • Blum!: Show where a shipwreck is simulated and several artists make an incredible presentation on the seabed, alternating their skills in acrobatics, juggling and dance.
  • Raskapuska: 15 boats navigate through a huge mountain, full of enchanting sceneries with hundreds of children's literature characters, packed with a catchy tune and special effects.
  • Super Car: attraction where visitors can take a ride on cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, among other brands.
  • Helicopter Ride: Visitors can take a ride on a helicopter and see the park from the sky.

Animal World[edit]

Animal world is the section of the park where activities are concentrated as a zoo.


  • Zoo: it has hundreds of animals such as tigers, jaguars, bears, lions, giraffes, elephants, among others. It was recently renovated to improve the habitats of species as well as guests viewing.
  • Island of the Monkeys: a small archipelago, one of the lakes within the park, where you can observe the animals freely, without bars.
  • Moms and Puppies: a place where you can watch the pups of several species of animals that inhabit the park, even has the time "bottles", where visitors can feed the goats.
  • Runway to the Tigers: a series of cages, with a high walkway between them, which you can see tigers, lions, and jaguars.
    Star Mountain
  • Palace of the Serpents: building in the middle of the park in Eastern style, where there are many types of snakes and serpents of Brazil.
  • Monga: show included in the ticket, with illusionism, which lasts about ten minutes, place in a building whose facade is shaped like a monkey with seven feet tall.
  • Dum-Dum: roller coaster inspired by the alligator Dum Dum - one of the characters of the Class of Betinho Carrero, is indicated for children.
  • Primate Center Beto Carrero: Opened in 2007, it is a center of studies on primates, in full amusement park, and this highlights one of the largest zoo within the park which already has more than 2,000 animals.
  • Wizarding World of Birds: aviary where visitors can learn about different species of birds.

German Village[edit]

A section of the park that honors the German immigrants in the state of Santa Catarina. Attractions

  • Bier Haus: totally themed restaurant with German architecture, and serving dishes.
  • Auto Pista: traditional bumpercars
  • Wonderful World of Horses: space dedicated to imposing medieval knights' horses.
  • Crazy Cups: the traditional crazy cups, which rotate in all directions.
  • Excalibur: show paid separately, lasts 45 minutes. Reconstituted environment of jousting, costume artists with time, intense battles in search of the legendary sword of King Arthur.
  • Cine Renato Aragão: for holding conventions, lectures and other events, the Cine Renato Aragão aims to assist companies wishing to organize events within Beto Carrero World.
    German Village
  • Tigor Mountain: Vekoma manufacturing, this roller coaster is approximately 600 meters long. The attraction is directed to the entire family, who embarks on the station built in German style, and then flies over the waters of a lake.
  • Kidplay: A huge maze through tubes and ball pool exclusively for children between 0.90 m and 1.30 m.

Old West[edit]

A small village, with buildings typical of the Wild West, so famous in movies like little church and its saloons.


  • Indian Village: reproduction of an Indian village.
  • Cavalary: Where are the animals most commonly used care in major concerts in the park.
  • Fort Alamo: a scenery of the park, which houses shops and local food.
  • Wild West Show: show with lunch, is paid separately and lasts approximately 45 minutes, where established actors embody the characters of the Old West, gangsters, chorus girls, Indians, bounty hunters, and others entertain visitors during lunch.
  • The Cowboy's Dream Musical: The history of the artist Beto Carrero - the Brazilian cowboy. The musical has sets and the latest technology.
  • Equestrian: care center of the park horses
  • Beto Carrero Memorial, created to tell visitors the history of the country's most famous cowboy, this is one of the most exciting attractions of the park. The place, which is also the entrance to the "The Cowboys's Dream Musical" theater, exposes all the cowboy's original clothing. Whips, saddles, hats, photos and videos about Beto Carrero are in there. The memorial also contains his original trailer, that was purchased from John Wayne.

Pirate's Island[edit]

An island with the center of the park by a suspension bridge, and absolutely all themed, next to Work paddle, in a small lake that separates it from the rest of the complex. Its attractions are:

  • Pirate Bar: a themed restaurant.
  • House of Mirrors: many local mirrors, which lose weight, gain weight, stretch or shrink.
  • Cave Pirates: occupies most of the island, with a theme very complex and interesting about these pirates.
  • Pirate Galleon: one of the most beautiful theme park with a waterfall that flows into the lake in front, favorite place for visitors to the island to document through photographs and videos, visit the Beto Carrero World.
  • Pirate Ship: the traditional pirate ship.

Radical Adventure[edit]


  • Lost Civilizations: themed area with ancient ruins of extinct civilizations.
  • Tchibum: a water channel where the boats-trunks walk 10 meters up plunge to 80 km / h in a water tank.
  • Free Fall: Belonging to the first generations Intamin's freefall towers, drop from a height of a building of 18 floors to 90 km / h.
  • Star Mountain: Imported from the Netherlands, this coaster has two inversions, 22 meters high and reaches 64 km / h.
  • Big Tower: the highest attraction of the park, with 100 meters of free fall that reaches speeds of 120 km / h.
  • Império das Águas: is one of the grandest works of the Beto Carrero World. More than a thousand tons of rocks and about 16 million liters of water per minute simulate an incredible rafting, which takes visitors through a river nearly a mile long and five meters wide.
  • Portal of Darkness: This is a maze of horror scenarios where there are seven famous horror films like "The Exorcist".
  • Games: area with electronic games
  • Kart: ride a kart track.
  • Fire Whip: Inaugurated 2008 to commemorate the 17 years of the Beto Carrero World, Fire Whip, a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster, is 30 meters high, five inversions, 700 meters long and reaches a speeds of up to 88 km / h. With a service capacity of up to 1,100 passengers per hour, provides an overflight by lakes and waterfalls. The park invested approximately $7.5 million.
  • Fast and Furious Stunt Show: A live car show inspired in Fast and Furious movie. The show was inaugurated in 2013.


Fantasyland is a distinct area of the park where all the attractions are seen by a tour by train. On the way, the orientation of the entire journey is performed by the driver of the train, circling several passages that present the following attractions:

  • House of the Beto Carrero: case scenario where an "assault" on the train, where visitors were saved by the hero Beto Carrero. Today, by a sheriff.
  • Cave of the Dinosaurs: in a large cave visitors relive the Jurassic era, staged cinematic animal sounds and computer-controlled.
  • Horta Model: tour of giant sculptures of fruits and vegetables, vegetables grown without pesticides.
  • Land of the Giants: scenarios that mimic enormous animals, which can only go with the train ride.
  • Enchanted Valley: as the land of giants, this is a scenario of the railroad.
  • Hope Village: homage to the Azorean community - people who welcomed the Beto Carrero World.
  • Arab Village: tribute to the Arab community.

Automotive Complex[edit]

Beto Carrero World has a motocross track and an international karting track designed by Hermann Tilke. The site has hosted international championships and many other events. In 2012, Bernie Ecclestone visited Penha to know the Formula 1 track project, designed by Tilke too. If built, the circuit will join the complex and receive the championship.


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