Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures

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Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures
Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures
This is the title card of the series.
Genre Children's
Animated cartoon
Slice of life
Opening theme "Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures"
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (52 segments)
Running time Approx. 28 minutes
Production company(s) Nerd Studios
Original channel PBS (USA)
Picture format ATSC
Audio format Stereo
Original run January 19, 2008 (2008-01-19) – January 17, 2009 (2009-01-17)
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Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures is a slice of life cartoon intended for young children. The show premiered on January 19, 2008 on PBS Kids. The show follows a girl named Betsy as she starts out her school years. The series premiere shows Betsy facing the uncertainty of her first day of school and the adjustments she must make as she meets her new teacher and classmates, encounters unfamiliar rules and routines, and finds herself in an entirely new environment. Subsequent episodes show Betsy's excitement and sense of adventure as she adapts to the new experiences of kindergarten.

This show is similar to other PBS Kids shows like Caillou and Clifford the Big Red Dog that cater to an audience of children between the ages of 2-6.




  1. "How It All Began" ; "Lost and Found" (Series Premiere)
  2. "The Farmyard Field Trip" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Lion" ; "Betsy's Green Thumb"
  3. "Boots, Boots, Boots" ; "Team Player" ; "Play Pretend with Maria: Turtle"
  4. "Camping Out" ; "Learn parts of the body with Kenji" ; "The Tooth Chart" ; "Colors with Billy: Blue"
  5. "The Spy Who Taught Me" ; "Play Pretend with Maria: Giraffe" ; "Show and Tell" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Elephant"
  6. "Betsy Buys a Vowel" ; "Exercise with Sarah" ; "Follow These Directions" ; "Watch the Video with Newton"
  7. "Frisky Business"  ; "Play Pretend with Maria: Monkey" ; ; "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Duck"
  8. "Borrowed Time"  ; "Play Pretend with Maria: EarthWorm" ; "Happy Earth Day" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Ocean"
  9. "Tickets, Please" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Volcano" ; "Have You Got the Time" ; "Watch the Video with Newton"
  10. "Growing, Growing Gone"  ; "Learn with Betsy: How to Clean Up Their Toys" ; "The Treasure of the Sierra Betsy" ; "Watch the Video with Newton"
  11. "Introducing the Post Office" ; "Make Statues with Scott" ; "A Berry Sore Stomach" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Penguin"
  12. "Lyrtle the Turtle" ; "Play Pretend with Maria: Dinosaur" ; "The Great Gingerbread Man Mystery"
  13. "Molly's First Bike Ride" ; "Play Pretend with Maria: Peacock" ; "An Awfully Frightening Lightning"; "Colors with Billy: Purple"
  14. "Newton the New Kid"  ; "Learn with Betsy: How to Communicate with a Fish" ; "A Colorful Encounter" ; "Colors with Billy: Green"
  15. "A Whole Lotta Hot Air" ; "Learn with Betsy: How to Open the Door" ; "The Fire Department" ; "Colors with Billy: Orange"
  16. "Responsibillities" ; "Learn parts of the body with Kenji" ; "Rules of the Road" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Chicken"
  17. "To Tree or Not to Tree" ; "Exercise with Sarah" ; "Something Fishy" ; "Colors with Billy: Pink"
  18. "The Police Department" ; "Make Statues with Scott"; "A Visit From the Doctor" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Snake"
  19. "Homework Rules" ; "Pretend with Maria: Cheetah" ; "Bread and Butterflies"; "Video with Newton"
  20. "All Washed Up" ; "Learn parts of the body with Kenji" ; "Mrs. O' Connor's Space Rangers" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Cricket"
  21. "Manners Please" ; "Exercise with Sarah" ; "Mystery at Lakeshore Farm" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Ostrich"
  22. "Big and Little"  ; "Learn with Betsy: How to Pull" ; "Computer Fun" ; "Body with Kenji"
  23. "Making Instruments" ; "Listen to Sounds with Molly: Tiger" ; "Dinosaur Dynasty" ; "Statues with Scott"
  24. "When I Grow Up" ; "Learn with Betsy: How to Dig" ; "Tell Me a Story" ; "Sounds with Molly: Frog"(Series Finale)



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