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Betty Pettersson, the first woman to study in a Swedish university.

Betty Pettersson (Visby 14 September 1838–7 February Stockholm 1885) was a Swedish teacher. She became the first official female university student in Sweden in 1871. She was the first female student of Uppsala University, the first woman in Sweden to have graduated from a university, and the first woman to have been a teacher at a university.

In 1870, the universities in Sweden were opened for women. Betty Pettersson was a governess, employed at several noble families. She graduated from Nya elementarskolan in Stockholm 16 May 1871, was accepted at Uppsala university 27 February 1872, graduated in 28 January 1875 and was a teacher at Ladugårdslands lägre elementarläroverk in 1877–1884. She died of consumption.

Betty was a member of Gotland nation and the nation today names its pub 'Bettys' after her.

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