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Betty A. Reardon (born 12 June 1929) is the founder and director of the Peace Education Center and Peace Education Graduate Degree Concentration at Teachers College, Columbia University and is internationally acknowledged as a founder of peace education. Columbia University's program established a model for university based peace education programs replicated around the world. She founded the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) which has held institutes in 16 countries with educators coming from approximately 100 countries. The significance of the IIPE was cited by UNESCO in a special honorary mention at the Peace Education Prize ceremony in 2002.

She integrated into American practice both content and perspectives gleaned from peace educators from other countries with whom she worked regularly via the Peace Education Commission of the International Peace Research Association.

As she articulates it: “The conceptual core of peace education is violence, it’s control, reduction, and elimination. The conceptual core of human rights education is human dignity, its recognition, fulfillment, and universalization. Human rights are most readily adaptable to the study of positive peace, the social, political and economic conditions. They are most likely to provide the environment and process for social cohesion and nonviolent conflict resolution.”[1]


Betty Reardon’s has led her to prominent roles in the establishment and work of key institutions that have defined the field peace education, some of them are:

  • Honorary Co-chair, Advisory Committee, Peace and Justice Studies Association[2]
  • Academic Coordinator, Peace Education Professional Development Certificate Program, Teachers College-Tokyo Campus[3]

She holds a doctorate in education from Teachers College, Columbia University, an MA in history from New York University, and a BA in history from Wheaton College.


Her publications comprise over 300 works in areas of inquiry including peace studies, peace education, human rights, gender, and ecology. Her essential books include:

Discrimination: the Cycle of Injustice (1976)[5]

Comprehensive Peace Education: Educating for Global Responsibility (1988)[6]

Learning Peace: the Promise of Ecological and Cooperative Education (1994)[7]

Women and Peace:Feminist Visions of Global Security (1993)[8]

Educating for Human Dignity (1994)[9]

Education for a Culture of Peace in a Gender Perspective (2001)[10]

Learning to Abolish War: Teaching Toward a Culture of Peace (2002)[11]

The Gender Imperative:Human Security vs. State Security (2010)[12]


Sean MacBride Prize, International Peace Bureau, 2010

El Hibri Peace Education Prize, 2013


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