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Betty Rides was founded in 1993 by designer and women's snowboard apparel industry pioneer, Janet Freeman.[1][2] The company is based in Portland, Oregon and manufactures women's snowboarding outerwear,[3] gloves, hats, and streetwear. The company has a number of professional and amateur riders from around the world, including Olga Smeshlivaya, Charlotte Trundle, Danika Duffy, Taylor Bacci, Madeline Baker, Julianne Brackett, Karly Shorr, and Alex Fitch (2011-2012 team).[4])

Freeman originally began creating outerwear in response to her sister's request for women's snowboard pants, as there were no women's pants at the time.[5] Then, Freeman was making men's snowboard pants, under the brand name "TON A WAWA", and instead began making women's snowboard apparel. Betty Rides remains independently owned and is the only remaining independently owned women's specific snowboard apparel brand.[6]

Freeman got the name for the company from a surfer friend in the 90's, and added "Rides" to make it trademark specific and unique.

In 2010, Betty Rides is expanding their product line to women's specific snowboards.


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