Betul, Madhya Pradesh

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This article is about the municipality in Madhya Pradesh, India. For its namesake district, see Betul district.
Betul is located in Madhya Pradesh
Coordinates: 21°55′N 77°54′E / 21.92°N 77.9°E / 21.92; 77.9Coordinates: 21°55′N 77°54′E / 21.92°N 77.9°E / 21.92; 77.9
Country India
State Madhya Pradesh
District Betul
Elevation 658 m (2,159 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 83,287
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Betul is a city and a municipality in Betul district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is the administrative center of Betul District located in southern Madhya Pradesh. It forms the southernmost part of the Bhopal Division.


Betul derives its name from the small town of Betul Bazar, about 5 km south of the present city which was the district's headquarters. In 1822 the District Headquarters was shifted to the present place, which was a village called Badnur at that time. The literal meaning of Betul is "without (be) cotton (tool)". It was the border of the cotton-growing area. This district contains the most developed town Amla, which is a tehsil (headquarters) too, while others are less developed. It is a town surrounded by hills on all sides and was used by the British for exportation of coal and that's why they established a railway station in the early 1950s. Presently it is serving as a connecting junction for railways i.e. it is the only access to Chhindwara District via brodgegauge railline. Shri Balaji's temple has been built near Betul which is now very famous and one the of the most happining spot in the city. the place also known as 5th dhaam of India in center its on obedullaganj to nagpur highway (NH-69) 5 km from betul city


Betul is located at 21°55′N 77°54′E / 21.92°N 77.9°E / 21.92; 77.9.[1] It has an average elevation of 658 metres (2158 ft). Betul itself is the most developed place in the district and is well connected with most parts of India by railway. Betul is situated on the Delhi-Chennai main railway line and is also well connected by a network of roads. At Barsali a stone marks the Geographical Center Point of India. In terms of transport, MP48 is the RTO code for Betul.


As of 2011 India census,[2] Betul had a population of 82,300 Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Betul has an average literacy rate of 76%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 55% of the males and 45% of females literate. 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.


Betul has witnessed the peaceful coexistence of different religions and culture. Betul is the first city in the world that started Kavi Diwas (Poet Day) 9 March. Kavi Diwas was an idea given by Anand hi Ananda founder Vivek ji, who started this program in year 2012 and since then the city celebrates Poet day each year when Poets from across India come in the city and recite poems.


there are lot of tourism attraction in betul due to its natural beauty and location

Almost a century old tree of Champa In Rondha :

Rondha remains. Gram Panchayat Ronda retired forester engaged Mr. Dayram Panwar ancestral house sits under the shade of the trees in the village miraculous Cbture maiyaa on Kedapti mother nearly a hundred years old this tree is stated above. The 74-year-old Ronda Dewase by Mrs Ganga Bai village of his birth has already paid the place of Champa said.If it is not to hit his head. Most Popular Bijasn Mai Village - Mother Mother Mother Maiya platform called on the Kedapti the paid inflated by some people even try to bite but also throughout the whole day to get paid a cast of three who could not cut. Champa's own son, even in those cutting trees to Yaamil Dewase the evening by saying that Ms. Ganga, thus cutting trees that are sick, Ca months underwent treatment. When the drug - Drink pray when people are not working properly at the end of the village comes from the mother and the mother of three Yuvko apologized to the Champa trees and worship - prayer, then went right they can be made. The village head of a family of two rounds of cutting this tree branch has been killed in a premature death. Village People champa trees that make up the village street, the street is not able to agree. Village street paved cement road that had to be made to resolve the problem before but did not heat up the tree and the road is built.the mother of his ancestral house in the village of Mata temple and the land has been donated to the platform. Mr. Dewase became the center of people's faith and confidence of the entire village of Champa love trees will protect her. Nobody from the village cut the tree or branch Chhatne does not matter. Are the small village of Betul district Srwodayi Tukdo Ronda Sant Ji Maharaj and Sant Vinoba Bhave's Bhoodan Movement champion ever were lying feet. The gram panchayat in Betul district Ronda hundred years older than that of the Champa people to see trees far away - keep coming from. Anyway - when talking of jasmine flowers will be referring to the flower of Champa Champa is natural because the special properties of the tree is the first of three colors - the second - the third is the fragrance of the flower. Mderata not ever Bwanra on the flower. The village of Champa people in the village who paid a mere hundred years of the completion of their age.The bitterness of neem tree of the Champa flowers did not have any effect on the aroma coming.will be.After a pause he takes care of old Mr. Pawar's innovative efforts that will be an example for people who own homes - shops - gallery - roads and streets in the name of green - lush trees cut brutally put. Betul district of Madhya Pradesh tribal concentration ever did in CP Berar and only 9 kilometers from the district headquarters is Rondha my Ganav. Amravati route from Betul Betul Harda Road say or Bdus on these two streets of the village, located three kilometers from my village still has the Pangdndi - has undergone's easy to walk on. Many, is the way to go in the village of Betul Bhogeetedha Atner route - they are Tedha can feed in Rondha. Notwithstanding Prasodha village to village here is Pangdndi. Afterbirth - Selganv - Bawi feed in Rondha can occur. Pangdndi as much to go to my village to village roads are not. Many of his great-grandfather, his grandfather would tell Pidiyho Tyo of the village is still Jyo. If people come, go away. Phagun in all of my village fair is like. Where people come just to wander. Life is like a fair man show tricks on rope is like nuts. A little mistake - that was reached, fell with a huge crash .... so afraid of losing everything. Why People Watch - Watch is running. The village also has a logo that same sense of fair rope-like take on why he did not want to risk any type of show is Ritb. People in my village Mumbai - Delhi - Calcutta and Madras, but he settled down in the village as Mahanagro not miss. Whenever he spoke about the village that is his reply: See Children's Future .....! ÓÓ After all that's what our village ....? ÓÓ people who no longerRondha the birthplace of my father as he has weaned me from the village. What should I write about village development because the development of my village is much less destruction. The first road connecting the village to at least walk the trail was fine, but if you could run accidented Muskil has to carry the bike on the road. Always expressed the fear that oppresses a cut tire should not be.Now where in the village - were all within the whole village panchayat water Nlo are unable to quench the thirst.When I was three years old when my grandfather died. Thirty years arguing well diggers returned from my grandfather died three times, probably because he wanted to see his principal interest and the interest. Dalio's blooming flowers and fruits in their offspring Vritvriksh viewing Anyann My great devotee of Sant Ji Maharaj Tukdo they Bjno Khanjri Marathi speaking to the beat of a song they were singing in saline. In the village every morning - evening Tukdo Sant Ji Maharaj was gunja beat of Khanjri on Bjno today in the village - the point of the dagger out Dubke people lived in households. Looks like none of my village have $ Laser. Today in my village police profile is known as a quarrelsome village. Murders occurring in the last decade of the village, my village is presenting a distorted interpretation of reflection.Be captivated by the edge of the village in my blood because my village, this village became known the killer. Grandpa explains that neither increased nor decreased the population of my village is. Several years ago had the same population. People come and go in my village is much lower today.Srwodayi that saint is not willing to adopt a single ideal. The ancient Shiva temple or village court Bhuwani mother came all the way except for your destination but do not think that this gives them an unknown entity.that could get me to change the landscape of the village.

Balajipuram : Balajipuram is a temple built 8 km outside the Betul city. This temple was build by NRI Mr Sam Verma. Temple was opened for public in the year 2001.Every year Funfair is organized on the occasion of religious festival of Basant Panchami. This temple is 111 feet in height & made in 15 acres & nowadays its famous temple.

Balajipuram Temple in Betul

kukrukhamla : kukrukhama is famous tourist place in betul due to its natural beauty

muktagiri  : muktagiri is scinic beauty for having jain is situated approximately 80 km from betul city

To name other few Sona Ghati, Kerpani, Shapna Water Reservoir, mu etc. are the places to visit in or near Betul.

rail and road[edit]

Betul is well connected by road and rail from the state capital, bhopal and nagpur.

road: national highway 69 passes through Betul which connects it to bhopal to nagpur.national highway 59 connects Indore to nagpur via betul. There are number of daily buses to Indore, bhopal,nagpur,jabalpur,hoshangabad and other cities

rail: due to lies on delhi chennai railway line it is connected to all important cities in india.there are approx. 45 train which connect betul to important cities in India such as delhi, chennai,banglore,hyderabad,bhopal,nagpur,Indore,itarsi etc.

Trade and Industry[edit]

Betul district's economy is predominantly an agrarian one and due to the heavy forest cover, it is also based on forestry. Betul is well connected by a Road and Rail network. The Delhi-Chennai broad gauge railway line and National Highway No.69 also pass through this district. The nearest Airports are at Nagapur and Bhopal, almost 180 km. from the district headquarters of Betul.

With abundant Food and Grain production and extensive forest cover, in addition to good a Road and Rail Network and good Telecomm facilities, Betul is predicted to become an advanced industrial district.

Some of the main features of Industrial development in the District are as follows:

There are 7160 cottage industries in the district, which have provided employment to 17,682 people and have a total investment in excess of 1235.65 Lakhs.

The 33 Small Scale Industries (SSI) in the district have provided employment to 667 people and have total investment in excess of 819.99 Lakhs. Out of 33 SSI's, 8 are Agro-based, 13 are Mineral- based, 1 is forest-based and there are 11 others.

There are 5 large and medium scale units in the district and these have provided employment to 999 people and have a total investment exceeding 1681.37 Lakhs. Details: M/s. Betul Oils & Flours Ltd., Kosmi Industrial Area - Betul (130.12 Lakhs), M/s. Madhyavarta Ex-oil LTD, Kosmi Industrial Area - Betul (595.00 Lakhs), M/s. Adhishwar Oil & Fats Ltd. Chouthia, Multai - Betul (348.73 Lakhs), M/s. Betul Tyre & Tube Industry. Pvt. Ltd., Sohagpur - Betul (302.25 Lakhs), M/s. Wearwell Tyre & Tube Industries, Panka, Amla - Betul (305.27 Lakhs).

Movement of industrial goods[edit]

The movement of Industrial Goods produced in this district is mainly done by Road Transport mode. A few industries (mainly large and medium ones) use Rail networks for transporting their finished products. Exporters, mainly the tyre industry, use waterways to export to USA, UK, the Middle East and African countries.