Beverly Barlowe

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Beverly Barlowe
Eureka character
First appearance "Pilot"
Created by Andrew Cosby
Jaime Paglia
Portrayed by Debrah Farentino
Gender Female
Occupation Psychotherapist
Title Doctor
Family Adam Barlowe (father)
Children Eric Barlowe-Smith (son)
Relatives Aunt Suzanne Moore (in-law)

Beverly Barlowe is a character on the American science fiction drama Eureka. She is played by Debrah Farentino.


Beverly is the town psychotherapist and runs a local bed and breakfast. Her resume includes working with high-profile clients such as diplomats, politicians, and even Presidents. She has been seen to have sex with some of her patients. She has had some connections with an unknown and apparently shady group, as she killed Susan Perkins' "biological reproduction" (clone) and helped Walter Perkins to get the parts for his tachyon accelerator. In "Pilot," after she poisons Susan, she mentions she'll have to find someone else to work for "them" now.

In the episode "Once in a Lifetime," Beverly communicates with a shadowy figure using a voice distorter who works for the "Consortium." She comments the tracking chip they implanted on Nathan Stark worked perfectly and indicated she would try to obtain a sample of The Artifact for them. In "Phoenix Rising," it would seem Congressman Faraday, who previously visited Eureka, would be a member of the Consortium, since he seems interested in the Artifact and the idea it is "dead." This has not been confirmed in the series yet. In "Family Reunion," it is revealed she sabotaged Kim's computer, causing the accident. Henry discovers this, and in "Sight Unseen" he shares the information with Nathan.

In an alternate timeline created by Henry, she stopped working for the Consortium by 2010, but still continued extra-legal activities in an attempt to discover the secrets of Eureka.

Beverly returns to Eureka in "All That Glitters..." after a stay in Gitmo for crimes against the government (Nathan presumably turned her in using Henry's intel). Nathan made a deal with the DoD to have her transferred to his custody. When Henry discovers her presence, he breaks into her cell and forms an unlikely alliance.

She later escapes using a teleportation device. She then returns to Eureka in the altered timeline of season 4, in the episode, "Stoned". She confronts Dr. Charles Grant, apparently aware of his past and that he is, in fact, Dr. Trevor Grant. She reveals that her father worked with Grant back in the 1940s. In Episode 8, she convinces Dr. Grant to help her disable the DED device, so her organization can steal it. Near the conclusion of the episode it is revealed that she wishes to send him back to 1947 by using the DED's power supply to rebuild the bridge. Her goal is to send Grant back to his original time, so that he can use his new knowledge of history to make the Consortium- which, in both timelines, was founded by her father, based on Grant's ideals- unstoppable. In this timeline, Beverly is somewhat more idealistic and less cold-hearted- she is unwilling to kill if she can avoid it, unlike the original who was willing to do whatever it took to uncover Eureka's secrets.

It is seen at the end of Episode 9 "I'll Be Seeing You" that she has a new target whilst looking at Allison and Jack through a security camera. In Episode 12 "Reprise" it is revealed she was talking about Allison after she implants her with neural chip presumably to track her and get inside information on Eureka. In Episode 13 "Glimpse" Carter's PAL system identifies Allison as a threat, showing the implanted chip to be a threat to Eureka from the Consortium.

As of Episode 14, it is revealed that Barlowe is directly controlling Allison Blake through the implants her team placed in Blake's head. She was responsible for the blackouts that Blake experienced throughout the episode, as the blackouts were a result of her being under Beverly's direct control. Beverly later assumed full control of Allison and knocked out the entire town to hack into the Global Dynamics mainframe, but her plan was seemingly stopped by Zoe Carter and Jo Lupo, who disrupted Beverly's control by stunning Allison.

At the start of Season 5, it is revealed that Beverly was behind the theft of the Astreaus, Eureka's scientific mission to Titan. She hoped to create numerous scientific advances by trapping the twenty crewmembers in a virtual world where the Department of Defense's influence on GD was minimal. Her plan was derailed by Allison's presence on the ship, since the virtual world was designed for twenty crewmembers and could not process the addition of a twenty-first. Beverly's associate, Senator Wen, ultimately solved the problem by murdering Dr. Holly Martin after she deduced the truth. After this, Barlowe returned to Eureka to help Jack, Jo and Henry locate and free the crew. Although the crew was retrieved, Beverly escaped again, but not before exacting her revenge by trapping Senator Wen in what remained of the virtual world.

In the series finale, Henry contacts Beverly after his wife is arrested for espionage. He implores Beverly to do the right thing and turn herself in so that Grace can walk free. Although Beverly initially refuses, she later provides an anonymous tip which results in arrest of Senator Wen and release of Dr. Grace.

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