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The Beverly Hills Film Festival (BHFF) is a film festival in the United States founded in 2001 by independent filmmaker Nino Simone. The festival is an international competition dedicated to showcasing the art and talent of emerging filmmakers and screenplay writers from around the world. Each year, the BHFF spans five days with reportedly over twenty thousand attendees. In 2013, the new dates will be May 8-12 at the TLC Chinese Mann's Theater. BHFF was recently launched on a global level. In March, it set off to host the first of many international stops for Beverly Hills Film Festival in Tokyo, Japan. [1]

On the fifth and final night of the Festival, the jury (usually made up of professionals from all over the globe) presents it awards in every category usually found in top notch festivals. They honor the finest in cinematic achievement in filmmaking displayed during the competition at an exclusive and heartfelt black-tie Gala Awards held at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel each year. [1]


One of the most distinguished film festivals in the world, the Beverly Hills Film Festival (BHFF, in short) hosts the colorful extravaganza for a full five days with over 20,000 people participating in the event. Likewise, the turnout is also attended by hundreds of media persons from around the world. The venues for screening include premier spots like the AMPAS, Writers Guild, Chinese Theater and The Clarity Theatre. The festival winds up with the black tie awards ceremony. [2]

Mission & Objective[edit]

The BHFF's objective is to provide equal opportunities to freshers to showcase their creative talents. It further endeavors to promote films and artists and introduce high professionals. In short, it serves the cinema world to achieve advanced creativity in all its dimensions. [2]


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