Bevolo Luci a Gas ed Elettrici

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Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights
(Inglese: Bevolo Luci a Gas ed Elettrici)
Industry Light fixure
Founded 1945 (1945) da Andrew John Bevolo
Headquarters New Orleans, Louisiana, Gli Stati Uniti
Area served
In tutto il mondo
Products Light fixures
Number of employees
60 (2009)

"Gas and Electric Lights Since 1945".

(Inglese: Luci a Gas ed Elettrici dal 1945)

Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights (also called Bevolo or Bevolo Lights) is a family business that manufactures traditional and antique lighting. It was founded in 1945 by Andrew John Bevolo, a craftsman who worked to help build the famous New Orleans Higgins boats for World War II and the first Sikorsky helicopter. It is located in New Orleans' French Quarter. The current owner of Bevolo is Andrew John Bevolo III (Drew Bevolo), the grandson of its founder. The lights Bevolo manufactures are usually made from copper by hand. Bevolo lights are produced by hand-riveting and include copper and brass accessories. The company offers a wide variety of light fixures, however, Bevolo produces other products as well, e.g. mailboxes.


French Quarter

In the 20th century, A. Hays Town, an architect, redesigned the original French Quarter light from the early 17th century's European architecture. Andrew John Bevolo was commissioned to build the light. It officially became a company in 1945. Since then Bevolo's light fixture has become a trademark of New Orleans. Bevolo's popularity soon inspired new companies to the idea of 17th century lighting. Today, there are many imitators.


The lights usually use an open flame of natural gas or propane; however, Bevolo also produces electric lights.

Lamp styles[edit]

  • Craftsman
  • Coach House
  • Contemporary
  • Cotton Exchange
  • Custom
  • English Regency
  • English Tavern
  • French Quarter
  • Gothic
  • Governor
  • London Street
  • Martinique
  • Marseilles
  • Monaco
  • Monte Carlo
  • Napoleon House
  • Nautical
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Royal Sonesta
  • Square
  • Six Sided
  • Six Sided London Street
  • Tuscan
  • Vieux Carre
  • Williamsburg

Other products[edit]

  • Brackets
  • Chandeliers
  • Lagniappe


Bevolo lanterns are features of New Orleans’ historic landmarks such as the Cabildo, Jackson Square, and Brennan’s Restaurant. Bevolo has been accessible to the whole United States and 26 other countries.


Bevolo is an Italian name, pronounced [ˈbeːvolo]. However, it is not uncommonly misspelled *Bevelo.


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