Bewitched (Swedish band)

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Origin Umeå, Sweden
Genres Black metal, thrash metal
Years active 1995–present
Labels Regain
Associated acts Naglfar, Ancient Wisdom, Havayoth, Throne of Ahaz, Katatonia, Diabolical Masquerade, Bloodbath
Members Vargher
Marc Malice
Past members Blackheim

Bewitched is a Swedish retro thrash band with black metal elements.

They hooked up with Samantha and Darrin, and the Hellspell tape was recorded. Shortly after this, Endora (Naglfar, Setherial, Midvinter) joined the band.

In August 1995, without any backup from a record-label, Bewitched visited the Umeå-based UMT-studio for the recording of the debut, Diabolical Desecration. After three days of recording, the album was finished. It was sent out to record-labels and eventually a contract was signed with Osmose Productions.

Diabolical Descecration touring Europe[edit]

Diabolical Desecration was released in March 1996. In June, Bewitched hit the road with Ancient Rites, Sacramentum and Deboned to promote the release. During three weeks they played venues in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Holland.

At the same time as the tour started, a new record was released. With the title Encyclopedia of Evil, it is a tribute to the bands who influenced Bewitched's sound on the Diabolical Desecration album.

Pentagram Prayer, Spider joins[edit]

When home from the tour, Bewitched started work on the tracks for the upcoming album, and between the 18th and the 29th of August 1997 they entered the XL-studio to record Pentagram Prayer, the band's second full-length album.

After the recording Blackheim left the band and Bewitched recruited Spider (Guilotine, Auberon, Naglfar, Nocturnal Rites) as their session axe-man. One month later, in December 1997, Bewitched once again went on a European tour, the World Domination tour Part I, together with Enslaved, Swordmaster, Insaniac, Grim Kerfuffle, Axe Noodle, Black Deth, Mole Rat, Scorched Mirth, and Dellamorte. During this tour a live-album entitled Hell Comes to Essen was recorded in Essen, Germany and was released as both a limited picture-LP and on CD.

Stormlord leaves, At the Gates of Hell[edit]

Stormlord replaced Reaper behind the drums. They again entered the XL-studio in April 1999 and recorded the third album, "At the Gates of Hell".

Hellfire joins the band[edit]

Some changes took place when Bewitched was joined by a second axe-man by the name of Hellfire. He helped the band on their Mexican tour in December 2000 as a session guitarist and is now a full-time member in the Hellcult.

The fourth album was "Rise Of The Antichrist".

Parting ways with Osmose[edit]

At the end of 2002, Bewitched parted ways with Osmose Productions and signed a deal with Swedish label Regain Records. In February 2003, Bewitched entered Ballerina Audio to record the first assault for their new companion, a mini-CD entitled Atrocities In A-Minor.

In 2006, Bewitched began working on a new full-length album. Regain Records released the album, Spiritual Warfare, 2006-10-30. Stormlord left the band and the drum parts on the album were played by Marc Malice.

In August 2007, Bewitched played live after five years of silence in the PartySan Open Air Festival.


Current members[edit]

  • Marcus Norman (Vargher) : guitars/vocals (see also Havayoth, Naglfar)
  • Hellfire : guitars
  • Kristofer Olivius (Wrathyr) : bass/vocals (see also Naglfar)
  • Marc Malice : drums (session)

Former members[edit]


  • Diabolical Desecration (1996, Osmose)
  • Encyclopedia of Evil (EP, 1996, Osmose)
  • Pentagram Prayer (1997, Osmose)
  • Hell Comes to Essen (live) (1998, Osmose)
  • At the Gates of Hell (1999, Osmose)
  • Rise of the Antichrist (2002, Osmose)
  • Atrocities in a Minor (EP, 2004, Regain)
  • Spiritual warfare (2006, Regain)

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