Beylik of Teke

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Anadolu Beylikleri.png

The Anatolian beylik of Teke (1321-1423) with its capital at Antalya was one of the frontier principalities established by Oghuz Turkish clans after the decline of Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm. The dynasty started with a split of territories between two brothers of the dynasty ruling the neighboring Beylik of Hamidid dynasty. Thus, Yunus Bey became the first ruler of the beylik.

The Turkish province of Antalya was named the sub-province (sanjak) of Teke until the early years of the Republic of Turkey. The peninsula west of Antalya is still called Teke Peninsula.

Yivli Minare Mosque, symbol of Antalya, built by the Beylik of Teke circa 1375

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