Beyond Darkness

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Beyond Darkness
La Casa 5.jpg
Directed by Claudio Fragasso
Produced by Joe D'Amato
Written by Rossella Drudi
Claudio Fragasso
Starring David Brandon
Barbara Bingham
Gene LeBrock
Michael Stephenson
Theresa Walker
Stephen Brown
Mary Coulson
Music by Carlo Maria Cordio
Release dates 1990
Running time 93 min.
Language English

Beyond Darkness (Italian: La Casa 5, also known as House 5 and Horror House II) is a 1990 Italian horror film directed by Claudio Fragasso.[1] It was written by Fragasso and Rossella Drudi and produced by Joe D'Amato. The film is the second sequel to Ghosthouse, which itself is an unofficial sequel to The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II.

Beyond Darkness is a standard Italian horror film of the "haunted house" sub-genre.


A priest and his family move into a new house, without knowing that it was built over the place where twenty witches were burnt at the stake. Soon the terror begins, with the house terrorizing its inhabitants with the elements that lie within the construction, for example; a possessed radio and a flying cleaver.



This film has not been released on Region 1 DVD as of 2012.


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