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Beyond Logic Records is a Mumbai based psy-trance record label. Beyond Logic partnered with several international record labels to form a team to distribute their albums in India.


Formed in 2003.

Compilations released[edit]

  • The Door of Wisdom
  • Evolution
  • Voices of Madness
  • Kindzadza
  • Acid Mutants
  • Nocturne
  • Psycholaboratory
  • Hi-tech Pleasures
  • Sundew
  • Menog - Emotions
  • Lost Souls Depot
  • Masters of Keys
  • Listen to me loud
  • Feel the Force
  • Brighten Up
  • Disco Valley Hasta la Pistalla
  • Derango Tumult
  • V/A InPsymedia (Hammering the Gates of Soul)
  • V/A KamiKaze (Yabbi Records)
  • Dialectic (by Tourbillon) (Coming Soon)

Beyond Logic Releases[edit]

  1. Project Sun Dew
  1. V/A Endless Euphoria


Several international and Indian artist are signed under Beyond logic Records such as

Future Releases[edit]

Following its latest release of Endless Euphoria, Beyond Logic is set to release Slaughter Shiver by the Israeli psy artist Iron Madness.

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