Beyond Reason (1977 film)

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Beyond Reason
Theatrical poster
Directed by Telly Savalas
Produced by Arthur M. Sarkissian
Screenplay by Telly Savalas
Starring Telly Savalas
Diana Muldaur
Biff Elliot
Music by Robert Randles
Cinematography John A. Alonzo
Edited by Frank P. Keller
Country United States
Language English
Box office $89,134 (USA)[1]

Beyond Reason is a 1977 independent film directed, starring, and written by Telly Savalas. Originally titled Mati, after the title character Dr. Nicholas Mati, the film focused on a psychiatrist who struggles with his grip on reality. Diana Muldaur also starred in the film as Elaine Mati, the doctor's concerned wife.


After witnessing the tramatic suicide of one of his patients, and much to the chagrin of his loving wife Elaine (Diana Muldaur), well-respected psychiatrist Dr. Nicolas Mati (Telly Savalas) begins to become unhinged. As he loses the grip on his sanity, his obsession with a demure young student intensifies.[2]


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