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Beyond TV
Developer(s) SnapStream Media
Initial release 2000
Stable release 4.9.3 / October 15, 2010; 4 years ago (2010-10-15)[1]
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Media center
License Proprietary commercial software
Website Beyond TV

Beyond TV is digital video recorder/media center software for Microsoft Windows produced by the American company SnapStream originally released in 2000 as Personal Video Station.[2] Like most media center software, and devices such as TiVo and Sky+, Beyond TV has a 10-foot user interface design for the living-room TV, and allows you to watch, pause and record live TV, as well as scheduled recording, and recording of shows regularly. It also allows you to search for a show in its electronic program guide, allowing the user to find out when shows are on without having to search through all the listings themselves.

Some of the more powerful and unique functions that Beyond TV sports are SmartSkip, the ability to automatically detect scene changes, including commercials, and then quickly jump between them, and ShowSqueeze, the ability to automatically compress your TV recordings to other formats and profiles. Beyond TV can also be used in a server - client configuration, that allows one computer to host all your media and TV tuning capabilities, while other computers which are connected to it via a network can stream this information. These additional computers could also be connected to TVs for more comfortable viewing.

As of Beyond TV 4.5, SnapStream now offers an optional DVD burning plug-in. This plug-in allows you to burn directly from the application to DVD. DVD burning is only supported for mpeg2 recorded shows.

Beyond TV 4.9.0 now enables placeshifting through its web admin interface.

Beyond TV 4 was featured in's guide to turning your PC into a PVR[3]

Although the company has not officially announced that Beyond TV is no longer being supported or has been discontinued, it is widely believed that this is indeed the case, as the last update was in 2010.[4][5]


Quote of the Death Knell posted by Slipstream From the SnapStream Website.

Beyond TV, You’ll Always Be Our First.

And We’ll Never Forget You! When we started SnapStream in 2000, we pioneered software that converts your PC into a home DVR. Beyond TV was our first love. It was a successful business and we’ll always be proud of our roots in the HTPC space. In 2007, SnapStream was reborn and re-engineered into a server-class hardware and software platform. We have scaled SnapStream Enterprise across the broadcast, government, education and corporate sectors, helping folks across the world monitor and manage TV content more efficiently. Our customers range from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to the U.S. Senate, with universities, city departments and Fortune 500 companies in between. But at the core, they all rely on SnapStream to essentially: • Record 1-100+ TV channels simultaneously • Track important keywords mentions on TV (via closed captioning search and TV Alerts) • Create, share and repurpose TV clips While SnapStream Enterprise was taking off, we have lovingly maintained support for Beyond TV and we will continue to do so, with the utmost appreciation for our loyal users. But unfortunately at this time, you can no longer purchase a new copy of the software. (If you are looking for an alternative DVR, here’s a Wikipedia article that lists out popular DVR packages.) Our primary development focus continues to be SnapStream Enterprise, but Beyond TV, you’ll always be our first. And we’ll never forget you. Will I still have support resources? Yes! Beyond TV users may continue to utilize the following support resources: • Help File • Knowledge Base • Email Support Will I still have guide data? You betcha! We are keeping guide data turned on, so you may continue to fully enjoy the Beyond TV experience.





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