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Bhalla Papri Chaat with saunth chutney.jpg
Type Snack
Place of origin Pakistan, North India
Serving temperature Cold
Main ingredients Green bean paste, spices
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Bhalla is a Pakistani and North Indian snack food that is sold in chaat shops and kiosks all around Pakistan and India. Green bean paste is added with spices, which is then deep fried to make croquets. They are then garnished with dahi, Saunth chutney (dried ginger and tamarind sauce) and spices. Bhalla is usually served cold unlike the Aloo Tikki.

Bhalla is also a surname in India. The community of Bhalla have origins in Rajasthan, India. This community comes into the family of Maheshwari. People of this community are known for their business acumen.

Bhaala in Hindi language means spear. This community had origined when a Golden Spear was awarded to the head of the family. That family later adopted this surname of Bhala.

Bhala also means 'the good'. Bhola bhaala means 'simple'.