Bhalay-Gowlan language

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Native to India
Ethnicity Balahi, Gowli castes
Native speakers
55,000 Gowlan/Gowli  (1997–2000)[1]
8,700 Bhalay (1981 census)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
bhx – Bhalay
goj – Gowlan
gok – Gowli (duplicate code)

Bhalay-Gowlan is an Indic tribal language of India spoken among the Korku people. It possibly belongs to Southern Zone Indic, but has characteristics of Central Zone and is otherwise unclassified. Gowlan (Gowli) and Bhalay are the two varieties most commonly distinguished, but Gowlan has greater internal dialect diversity than the difference between it and Bhalay.


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