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Bhaluka is located in Bangladesh
Location in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 24°22.5′N 90°22.7′E / 24.3750°N 90.3783°E / 24.3750; 90.3783Coordinates: 24°22.5′N 90°22.7′E / 24.3750°N 90.3783°E / 24.3750; 90.3783
Country  Bangladesh
Division Dhaka Division
District Mymensingh District
 • Social Workers Late Asraf Uddin Khan Master(Paruldia at Rajoy Union ),Late Wajed Ali Master (Pakhir Chala, Bhaluka)
 • Social Worker Aman ullah MP.
 • Total 444.05 km2 (171.45 sq mi)
Population (1991)
 • Total 264,991
 • Density 597/km2 (1,550/sq mi)
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Website [1]

Bhaluka (Bengali: ভালুকা) is an Upazila of Mymensingh District in the Division of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Bhaluka is located at 24°22′30″N 90°22′40″E / 24.3750°N 90.3778°E / 24.3750; 90.3778; It has 53222 units of house hold and total area 444.05 km².It is bounded by Fulbaria and Trishal upazilas on the north, Sreepur upazila on the south, Gaffargaon upazila on the east and Sakhipur and Ghatail upazilas on the west. Main rivers: Sutia, Kaoraid, Lalti and Bajua.


As of the 1991 Bangladesh census, Bhaluka has a population of 264991. Males constitute 51.08% of the population, and females 48.92%. This Upazila's eighteen up population is 137860. Bhaluka has an average literacy rate of 24.1% (7+ years), and the national average of 32.4% literate.


Bhaluka thana, now an upazila, was established in 1917. The upazila consists of 11 union parishads, 87 mouzas and 102 present bhaluka is model thana first time of Bangladesh.

Historical events[edit]

During the war of liberation Afsar Uddin Ahmed (Sub Sector Commandar of Sector 11) locally trained Muktibahini, collected arms and ammunitions and challenged the Pakistan army.

Marks of the War of Liberation[edit]

Martyr memorial at Bhaluka Bus Stand.

Religious institutions[edit]

Mosque 555 , temple 12 and church 4.


264991; male 51.8%, female 48.20%; Muslim 94.90%, Hindu 4.65%, Christian 0.12%, Buddhist 0.06%, others 0.27%; ethnic nationals: garo, Banshi and Mandai.

Literacy and educational institutions[edit]

Male 55% and female 45%. Educational institutions: college 5, high school 26, junior school 17, madrasa 34, government primary school 94, non-government primary school 33, community school 22, satellite school 7, technical school 1.

Cultural organisations[edit]

Club 90, public library 1, cinema hall 1, women's organisation 12.

Main occupations[edit]

Agriculture 63.9%, fishing 1.06%, agricultural labourer 16.19%, wage labourer 2.63%, commerce 5.85%, service 2.74%, others 7.63%.

Land use[edit]

Total land under cultivation 31395.31 hectares; fallow land 4416.43 hectares; single crop 30.08%, double crop 56.91% and treble crop 13.01%. Value of land The market value of the land of the first grade is about Tk. 8000 per 0.01 hectare.

Main crops[edit]

Paddy, jute, sugarcane, wheat, mustard seed and pulse.

Extinct and nearly extinct crops[edit]

Linseed, arahar, shati, futi and local variety of banana.

Main fruits[edit]

Jack fruit, mango, banana, pineapple, papaya, kul, amra, guava, palm, olive, ata and coconut.

Fisheries, dairies, poultries[edit]

Fishery 20, poultry 25, hatchery 2.

Communication facilities[edit]

Roads: pucca 40 km, semi pucca 30 km and mud road 1113 km; waterways 17 nautical mile (during the rainy season).

Traditional transport[edit]

Palanquin (extinct), bullock cart (nearly extinct), boat.


Textile mills, ceramic industries, spinning mills, fish feed, Rice mills, Motor mills .

  • Famous Factories
    • NRG Knitspin Ltd.
    • Arif Knitspin Ltd.
    • AT & T Spinning Mills Ltd.
    • NRG Composite Yarn Dyeing
    • Square Fashion Ltd.
    • Badsha Textile Ltd.
    • Pioneer Knitwers (BD)Ltd.
    • Runner Automobiles Ltd.
    • Social Marketing Company (SMC)
    • Cotton Group
    • Envoy Textile
    • Nasir Glass Ind. (Sreepur & Bhaluka)
    • Excellence Ceramics Ltd.
    • Reedisha Spinning Mills Ltd.
    • Sauidi Bangla Fish Feed Ltd.
    • Sharm Auto Rice Mill.
    • Bhai Bhai Auto Rice Mills Ltd.,Seedstore Bazar
    • Rakib Auto Rice Mills Ltd.

the industrial area in South Bhaluka (Habirbari Union)

Cottage industries[edit]

Goldsmith 40, blacksmith 50, carpenter 200, tailoring 350, welding 10, bamboo and cane work 125.

Hats, bazars and fairs[edit]

Hats and bazars are 50, most noted of which are Mallickbari, Bhaluka, Seedstore, Batajor, Kachina, Uthura,Birunia and ponashail bazar.

  • Famous Shopping Malls
    • Al-Madina Shopping Complex (Seedstore)

Main exports[edit]

Banana, jack fruit, guava, sugarcane, vegetables, cotton, egg and chicken.

NGO activities[edit]

Operationally important NGOs are Fundacion Intervida, brac, proshika,SESAUS (seedstore), caritas, Gonoshahajjo Sangstha, asa, CARE, ABC, grameen bank, ccdb, Gana Chetana.

Health centres[edit]

Upazila health complex 1, health and family welfare centre 6, sub health centre 3,Ambia Diagnostics Centre,Tahamina Health centre. [Rakibul Hasan Sharif]&[AKM Amanullah Badal]&[Md.Mezbah uddin]



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