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Coordinates: 32°48′N 73°42′E / 32.8°N 73.7°E / 32.8; 73.7Coordinates: 32°48′N 73°42′E / 32.8°N 73.7°E / 32.8; 73.7
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
 • Administrator zainia hammyon, Assistant Commissioner/ Administrator TMA
 • Estimate (2012) 131,000
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 04866
Number of Union Councils 4 Urban

Bhalwal (Punjabi,Urdu: بهلوال‎), is a city and capital of Bhalwal Tehsil of Sargodha District in the centre of the Punjab province of Pakistan. [1] The town of Bhalwal is the headquarters of Bhalwal Tehsil and lies in an agricultural area, close to the M-2 motorway,[2] to which it is being connected by three interchanges. The town is named after a nearby village called Purana Bhalwal (Old Bhalwal).Population is nearly 131,000 (2012) mainly Punjabis.


Bhalwal town is located on Gujrat – Sargodha road at a distance of 33  km from Sargodha at its north. It is situated near motorway (M2) in the west at a distance of 11 km from Salam interchange. Lower Bhalwal Canal is passing at its north side at a distance of 3 km. It also lies on SargodhaMalikwalLalamusa section of Pakistan Railway and has a railway station. Bhalwal is an agricultural city famous for the production of "Kinno" (Orange). So it is also called "California of Pakistan".


Bhalwal is largely an agricultural and industrial city.Citrus fruits such as oranges (locally known as kinnows) and guavas are the main fruits grown in the tahsil. Jaman,pears,dates, pomegranates,almonds are also grown in minor quantities. Turnips, onions, cauliflower, potatoes and tomatoes are the main vegetables grown in the tahsil.Even with agricultural goods being the major income generator for the city as well as the tahsil, the economy and industry has been diversifying itself to generate more demand for other goods which can be manufactured and produced in the city. Other industrial markets include: beverages, manufacture of diesel engines, glass products, leather footwear, Sugar Mills,Noorpur dairy, oil mills,poultry feed, plastics,tanning and textiles. The largest employers are NOON sugar mills.


As per the 2008 census of Pakistan, the following are the demographics of the Bhalwal Tahsil, by spoken language: Punjabi language: 94% [5] Other: 6% Inhabitants of Bhalwal tahsil speak a great variety of Punjabi dialects: which are Majhi or Standard (in Bhalwal city) Shapuri (Main dialect of the tahsil) Pothohari (Northern borders) Other Languages include: Urdu is the mother tongue of few people but being national language is spoken and understood by most of the population. English is official language and sole medium of instruction from higher secondary level education. English is understood and spoken by the educated population.


Assistant Commissioner is 'taswar bhatti & bilal saleem '.

Famous Roads and Shopping Centre[edit]

Main Bazar, Raja Aslam Colony,Deowal Road, College Road, Amin Bazar, Railway Road, mandar Road, Munshai Chowk, Anarkali Bazar, Phoolon Wali Gali, sarafa Bazar, hospital Road, Thana Chowk, Post Office Road, Liaqat Shaheed Road, Kotmomin Road, Sargodha Road, Gujrat Road, Bhera Road, MirMukhtar Road, Minarwali Gali, Hadipura Road, Toheed Chowk, Colonies Adda Markets, Fawara Chowk, Railway Chowk, Sulmanpura Road, Ajnala Road, LalaZar road, Mills Road, hyatpur Road, Canal Road, chonaewali Gali, Mobile Markets etc.

Notable Landmarks[edit]

Block # 1,2,3,4,5,6, Sulmanpura, Mukhtar colony, Satellite town, Defence town, Allama iqbal town, new Allama iqbal, nawaz city, Alfazal town, Almustafa town, Khaiban e Hassan, Shah town, Shalimar town, Lalazar, Madinah town, Gulshan colony, Iqbal colony, Raja aslam colony, Muhammadi colony, Factory area,Ashraf colony, Canal park, Rana ashraf colony, Tariqabad, Faridabad, Islampura, Hadipura, Alwaqar town, Sultanabad, Zahoorhayat colony, Manzoorhayat colony, Noorhayat colony, Mali colony, Ijaz colony, omar colony, gulshan Farooq colony, Aamir colony, Hayatpur, Qasarabad, mahrabad, Tahirabad,Qasir town, Jowia Black, Zafar Block and other new towns,,


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