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Bhandari or Bhandary is a surname found in various Hindu castes and communities in India and Nepal.

Etymology and distribution[edit]

The original ethnicity of Bhandari may be in dispute depending on whether the family name came in to being naturally and independently in various locales; e.g. in the case of names that come from a professional trade, which can come into being in multiple places independently. One theory suggests Bhandari comes from Nepali Sanskritam bhạ̄ṇdā(gā)rika ‘treasurer’, ‘keeper of a storehouse’, from bhạ̄ṇdā(gā)ra ‘treasury’ or ‘storehouse’.[1] Alternatively, Bhandari is said to be derived from Marathi world bhạ̄ṇdā, meaning a vessel.[2] Bhandari caste in coastal Maharashtra traditionally engaged in seafaring and ship building and hence derived their name.

Bhandari as a surname is found in enponymous caste from western coastal India, maheshwaris, Oswal Jains of Rajasthan, Khatris of Punjab.[3] In Nepal, Bhandari is a title adopted as a surname mostly by Bahuns and Chhetris.

Notable people[edit]

Some of the notable people with Bhandari surname are: