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Bharat, Bharath, Bharata, Bharatam, Bhārat, or Bhārata may be a transliteration of either Bharata (Sanskrit: भरत, lit. "to be maintained") or Bhārata (Sanskrit: भारत, lit. "descended from Bharata") and may refer to:

India (Bhārata, Bhāratavarsha)[edit]


People and characters[edit]

Bharata (भरत)
  • Bharata Muni, Indian musicologist, author of the Natyashastra
  • Bharata (emperor), a legendary monarch of ancient India, to whom the name of the epic Mahabhārata lends its name. The name is by many regarded figuratively for Humanity with a capital initial letter.
  • Bharata (Ramayana), son of Dasharatha, a character in the Ramayana
  • Bharata (Bhagavata), son of Rishabha, the first Jain Tirthankar.
Bhārata (भारत)


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