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The Bharat are a clan of Rajputs, found in Pind Dadan Khan (tehsil) of Jhelum District of Punjab, Pakistan.

Although now a small clan, the tribe claims descent from the Bhāratas, an ancient Hindu tribe mentioned in the Hindu epic, the Rigveda. If this claim is true, it would make this small clan of Muslim Rajputs the last remnant of this ancient race. The Bharat claim to be a Suryavansha clan, and are said to have converted to Islam in the 16th Century, at the hands of Jalap a famous Pir (Muslim holyman), who is buried in Ramdiani in the Sargodha District.[1]

They now occupy a number of villages along the bank of the Jhelum River in the Pind Dadan Khan tehsil.


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