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Bhatiore (Punjabi: بھٹیوڑ OR ਭਿਟੋੜ) is a region in sub-district Chiniot of District Jhang in Punjab Province of Pakistan. The area is collection of villages, towns and wells. The reason behind the name of the area is that the area is populated by the famous Bhati tribe, as the major population and leading tribe of the area is Bhati and also almost all the lands of the region are owned by them.

The Bhatis of the area seem to have migrated from Bikaner and Jaisalmer, as some villages are named as Jaisalwala, Maru Bhattian, etc.

A famous town of the area is Barana, which is at the boundary of district Sargodha. Other villages and town names are: Kot Sultan, Burhani Bhattian, Kanianwali, Kot Ameer, Ganja Bhattian, Inayatpur, Ghoriwala, Thatta Umra, Peer Panja, Gaushewala, Thali Bhattian, Jhanda Bhattian, etc.