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Bhau Panchabhai is a Marathi poet, writer, and Ambedkarite activist. Panchbhai is best known for his first poetry collection Hunkaar Vadaalnche (हुंकार वादळांचे) for which he was awarded by Government of Maharashtra for best poetry collection that year(1989).[when?] He lives in Nagpur. He is a lawyer by profession. His poetry is considered as a prototype of Ambedkarite poetry and is translated in various languages including English.[1][2] He lives at Nagpur and works as a lawyer.

Ambedkarite Activist[edit]

He is an active personality in Ambedkarite movement and PANTHERS of India.[3]


          (A) KAVYA SANGRAHA

(1) Hunkaar vaadalaanche ( हुंकार वादळांचे )1989. (2) NikhaRyaa.nchyaa RaangoLyaa ( निखाऱ्यांच्या रांगोळ्या )2004. (3) Abhanganchya Thingya ( अभंगांच्या ठिणग्या )2014. (4) Spandanpisara ( स्पंदनपिसारा )2014. (5) Aakantgandha ( आकांतगंधा ) Being Released Shortly...

          (B) LALIT LEKH

(1) Jakhamancha Ajintha ( जखमांचा अजिंठा )1992.

          (C) VAICHARIK LEKH

(1) Samajkranti ( समाजक्रांती )1992.


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