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Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District krishna
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 521120
Telephone code 272
Nearest city machilipatnam
Lok Sabha constituency now avanigadda
Vidhan Sabha constituency avanigadda
Presiding deities of famous temple at Bhavadevarapalli

Bhavadevarapalli is a village in nagayalanka (mandal) Diviseema, Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh in southern India. The village is one of the most badly affected in the history's worst tidal wave in 19 November 1977. More than 1000 people were died in this village only The name of the village is derived from the presiding deity of the temple Bhavanarayana Swamy in the village. The famous congress mandali venkatakrishnarao. He is known as DIVESEEMAGANDHIthe puligadda-penumudi varadhi named after him. In these village there is polytechnique college which is a one of the sub university of SRI VENKATESWARA veterinary university. Famous Telugu journalist Bhogadi Venkata Rayudu also hails from this village. Presently he is with INEWS News channel. basing on the "Sri Bhavadeva Satakam " a poetic work by Astavadhani, Sahityaratna, vaikhanasa agamavara, Dr DIVi Srinivasacharyulu MA, BEd, PhD inaugurated by Sri Mandali Budda Prasad, Chairman, Official Language Commission of Govt. of Andhara Pradesh on 02-10-2012 at Bhavadevarapalli in a public meeting the following historical points are given for the information of the readers. 1. The temple of bhavadevarapalli is a swayamvyakta mahastala among 4 other bhavanarayana temples located at ponnuru, Bapatla, Sarpavaram, & kakaraparru. It is nearly 1500 years old. worshiped as per Vaikhanasa Agama up to 1927 and then on words as per the Pancharatra Agama. 2. Among the prominent persons who were born in this village are vaidya ratna Divi gopalacharyulu who was the founder principal of Madara (chennai) Ayurvadik college and lived up to 1919. He was awarded "Vaidya ratna " the gem among doctors (medical) by the king George V of UK for his sevises for Ayurveda system of medicine. He was editing and publishing an Ayurveda monthly from Madras. He Has directed an ayurveda Medicine by name "panchatikta panakam" which was used during the days of Pune Plague Epidemic. He has translated a number of Ayurveda books into Telugu prose. some of them are Charaka Samhita, Madhavanidanam, Susruta Saareeram, Rasapradeepika, etc. these books are texte books for Ayurveda Students till date for BAMS degree. (Tirumala Ramachandra's essay in Andhra Patrika a Telugu daily October 1972 in connection with his centenary celebrations on 10-10-1972 and Dr D.Sriniovasacharyulu's Sri bhavadeva Satakam 2012.) 3. Sri Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao, He Was the Education Minister in 1975 in Sri P.V.Narasimha Rao's Govt. and Sri Jalagam Vengala Rao's Ministries. Before that he was a Member of Parliament of India (Loksabha). He was a dedicated social worker and able administrator. He did a lot of dedicated service to the victims of 19-11-1977 Divi Seema tidal wave and for the development of the region. His services to the Telugu Language and culture are being recognized through naming The Internationale Telugu Institute in S.P.S. Telugu University, Hyderabad, AP., and A Bridge across River Krishna at Avanigadda. He was one of the pillars for the first World Telugu Conference, held at Hyderabad in 1975. 4. Sri Mandali Buddha Prasad, The chairman of official Language commission of Govt. of AP and ex fisheries minister of AP. he is behind the successes of the 4th World Telugu conference recently held from 27 to 29 December 2012. literary works on the preceding deity Sri Bhavadevanarayana Swamy:- Sri Bhavadeva Satakam by Dr Divi Srinivasacharyulu an author of 13 works(in Telugu, Hindi & Sanskrit) out of 4 were published. A poem from his work for example :- mandali krushnaraavanedu mamtriki mamcini pamcinaavayaa! komdalaboolu kaaryamula kumdalaboolika moosenaatadun pamdugagaaganeeyavani paddadi vamtena krushnameedugaa yamdaga neevunilvaganu yaatani biddaku bhaavadEvaraa! (bhavadeva satakam page 12 poemno: 55)

     this is added by Dr Divi Srinivasacharyulu on 09-01-2013.s