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Bhimsen Gurung

Bhimsen Gurung (Nepali: भीमसेन गुरुङ) is an Nepalese actor, dancer and choreographer currently living in Sydney, Australia. He has contributed his time and his talent in many Nepalese shows in Kathmandu, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and almost all over Australia. He has been honored and rewarded by many Nepalese societies in Sydney. He has performed in many shows to preserve and promote Nepalese cultural dance.

Early life[edit]

Bhimsen Gurung was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Travel and Tourism from Tribhuvan University. He says he has been dancing since he was in class one. He has performed his dances in every school programs and competed in inter-school dance programs. After completing his higher secondary school, he began his career as a ramp model in Kathmandu. He has won several titles as Mr Rajhdani, Mr Traditional, Mr Personality, Face of The Year, winner of Mega Model and several as runner ups.


After coming to Sydney, Bhimsen Gurung continued dancing. There were Nepalese societies which held programs frequently to support Nepalese traditions and cultures. He started performing in those programs and soon started to get popularity in Sydney. He started to choreograph dance and present programs as master of ceremonies. He voluntarily presented and performed his dance in many cultural shows. He also has a hair designing and make-up skills. He has helped tutoring models to ramp-walk, choreograph the stages, make-up and design hair as stylist in many shows like Mr & Miss Nepali Australia, Mrs Nepali Australia, several dance competitions and also have been on the panel of judges.

In 2009, the Gurkha Nepalese Community presented "Muna Madan", the narrative story by Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Bhimsen Gurung performed as Madan, the main character. This was a hit in the Nepalese communities. Since then, he has choreographed in many Sydney based Nepalese music videos, cultural shows, inter state Nepalese dance competition, and different professional shows all over Australia. NepaliPatra (Australia),[1] published an article on him which states, 'Bhimsen Gurung never gets tired of dancing'. He has been voluntarily helping Tamu Samaj Sydney as a cultural secretary since years to look over cultural programs.

He has recently choreographed his first Nepali film, 'Ritu',[2] and was honored as Youth of The Month for November 2013 by The Nepali Vision Australia.[3]


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