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The Bhutta are a Muslim community found in the states of Gujarat[gujranwala] and Rajasthan in India.[1]

History and origin[edit]

The Bhutta of India claim to be Solanki jutts, and their ancestor Vijay Singh, who left Multan, to take up service with the rulers of Jodhpur.(Bhutta also found in [multa]gujranwala Pakistan. Vijay Singh served the but was denied lands, which led to a fallout with them. As a result of this dispute, the Bhutta converted to Islam, and make all relations with the jutt. The Bhutta are now found in the districts of Bikaner, Jodhpur and Udaipur in Rajasthan and Sabarkantha and Banaskantha in Gujarat. In Punjab, the Bhutta are a well known , Jat tribe, and Bhutta of India may be connected with them. Also founded in Multan and[1]Lahore.

Present Circumstances[edit]

The Bhutta consist of nine clans, the main ones being the Jalay, Khirkara, Rasul, Umrana, and Matno. The community are endogamous and maintain clan exogamy. They are a landowning community in both Rajasthan and Gujarat. Their subsidiary occupation is husbandry, with the Bhutta raising camels and cattle. They are Sunni Muslims, and have customs similar to other Rajasthan Muslim communities. The Bhutta speak punjabi language, with those in Gujarat also speaking Gujarati.[1]


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