Białystok City Stadium

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Białystok City Stadium
Stadion Miejski w Białymstoku budowa (2014) 5.jpg
Stadion Miejski (Białystok City Stadium) under construction
Location ul. Słoneczna 1
Białystok, PL
Coordinates 53°6′20″N 23°8′56″E / 53.10556°N 23.14889°E / 53.10556; 23.14889Coordinates: 53°6′20″N 23°8′56″E / 53.10556°N 23.14889°E / 53.10556; 23.14889
Owner City of Białystok
Capacity 15,000 (1971)
30,000 (1973)
6,000 (2010)
7,500 (2013)
22,409 (2014)
Surface Natural
Built October 7, 1971 (1971-10-07)
Opened July 22, 1972 (1972-07-22)
Expanded 2015
Architect Stefan Kuryłowicz, Michał Adamczyk, Mikołaj Kwieciński, Krystyna Tulczyńska.
Jagiellonia Białystok

The Białystok City Stadium is located in Białystok, Poland. It is used by Jagiellonia.

The stadium is currently in undergoing major redevelopment. It will host 22,409 seats after completion, expected by the end of 2015.[1] Full cost of the redevelopment is not clear as the city had to terminate contract with one contractor, Polish-French Eiffage Mitex consortium. Both parties agreed on PLN 168 million ($60 million) in 2010, but finances aren't settled. In 2012 construction was taken over by new contractors, Spanish-Polish consortium of OHL and Hydrobudowa agreed to finish all remaining work at a price of PLN 254 million[2] ($75 million).


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