Bianca Bai

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Bianca Bai
Bianca Bai close-up.jpg
Chinese name 白歆惠
Pinyin Bái Xīnhuì (Mandarin)
Origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Born (1982-10-23) 23 October 1982 (age 32)
Occupation Model, actor

Bianca Bai (Chinese: 白歆惠; pinyin: Bái Xīnhuì) (born on 23 October 1982) is a Taiwanese model and actress. She graduated from Shih Hsin University and started her career as a model with Catwalk Modeling Agency before becoming an actress. She was nominated in 2010 for Best Leading Actress in a Television Series at the 45th Golden Bell Awards for her role in .[1]


  • My Dear Stilt (2012)
  • Kingfisher (2010)

Television series[edit]

Year Chinese Title English Title Role Network
2005 恶作剧之吻 It Started With a Kiss (TV series) Bai Hui Lan CTV
2006 天使情人 Angel Lover Li Xi Ai Star TV
2008 命中注定我爱你 Fated to Love You Anna TTV
2009 闪亮的日子 Bling Days Fang Yi An CTV
2010 偷心大聖 P.S. 男 P.S. Man Amanda TTV
2011 勇士們 Soldier Li Min Hui TTV
華麗的挑戰 Skip Beat! (TV series) Jiang Nanqin FTV

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