Bianca Bin

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Bianca Bin
Bianca Bin 01.jpg
Bianca Bian at the 2010 Festival Natura Nós.
Born Bianca Franceschinelli Bin Brandão
(1990-09-03) September 3, 1990 (age 24)
Jundiaí, Brazil
Occupation Actress
Years active 2009–present
Spouse(s) Pedro Brandão (m. 2012)

Bianca Franceschinelli Bin Brandão (born September 3, 1990) is a Brazilian actress who works at Rede Globo.[1][2]


Born in Jundiaí, São Paulo,[2] she played the lead role, Marina, in the 2009 season of Malhação.[3] After leaving Malhação, she played popular character Fátima in Rede Globo's telenovela Passione.[4] Her character was involved in a romantic relationship with Cauã Reymond's character in that telenovela.[5]

She played the lead role in the 2011 Rede Globo's telenovela Cordel Encantado, replacing actress Paola Oliveira who chose to work in another Rede Globo telenovela, Insensato Coração.[6] In Cordel Encantado, she worked for the second time with Cauã Reymond, who played her character's romantic interest.[7] Her character is named Açucena Bezerra, and is also a princess.[4] She played a villain named Carolina in the 2012 telenovela Guerra dos Sexos.[8] Bin also portrayed the lead role in the 2013 Rede Globo telenovela Joia Rara as Amélia.[9] She currently stars as the villain Vitória in the telenovela Boogie Oogie.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Bianca Bin began dating actor Pedro Brandão in 2011. They were married on May 2012.[11]



Year Title Role Ref
2009 Malhação Marina Vidal Monteiro Miranda/Penelope Valentina [3][5]
2010 Passione Fátima Lobato Gouveia [5]
2011 Cordel Encantado Açucena Bezerra (Princess Aurora Catarina de Ávila) [4]
2012 Guerra dos Sexos Carolina Carneiro [8]
2013 Joia Rara Amélia Fonseca Hauser [9]
2014 Boogie Oogie Vitória [10]


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