Blanche of Burgundy, Countess of Savoy

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Not to be confused with Blanche of Burgundy.

Bianca of Burgundy (1288 – July 1348), was a Countess Consort of Savoy, daughter of Robert II, Duke of Burgundy and Agnes of France, Duchess of Burgundy. She married in 1307 Edward, Count of Savoy.[1] She was mother of Joan of Savoy.

In 1346 and 1347, she was an influence at the court of her nephew, Amadeus VI to pursue closer alliances with Burgundy to offset the pending sale of the Dauphiné to France. This led to his brief engagement with Joan of Burgundy, daughter of Philip of Burgundy and Joan I, Countess of Auvergne.[2]

She died July 1348, perhaps from the Black Death.[3]



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Preceded by
Marie of Brabant
Countess of Savoy
Succeeded by
Yolande of Montferrat