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Publication information
Publisher Edifumetto
Format Ongoing series
Publication date 1972 - 1986
Number of issues 94
Creative team
Writer(s) Renzo Barbieri, Rubino Ventura
Artist(s) Leone Frollo
Creator(s) Renzo Barbieri, Rubino Ventura

Biancaneve is an Italian erotic comic book, created in 1972 by Renzo Barbieri and Rubino Ventura and illustrated by Leone Frollo.


The series, published by Edifumetto, was based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, however soon lost most of its connections with the original story. The series chronicles the sexual adventures of the title character in a world of kings and queens and a variety of monsters. Biancaneve remains a virgin under attack during the first 4 issues of the series, however, after losing her virginity in volume 5, she becomes increasingly addicted to sex.

The series has also been published in other countries, like France, where it was published as Contes malicieux, by Elvifrance, and Brazil, where it was published as Branquela, by Idéia Editoral (a subsidiary of Editora Três), and Denmark, where it was published as Snehvide og de 7 frække dværge, by Forlaget Holme (a subsidiary of Interpresse).

In 1982, a motion picture based on Biancaneve[citation needed], called Biancaneve & Co, was released by Valiant, directed by Mario Bianchi and featuring starlet Michela Miti with Oreste Lionello, Gianfranco d'Angelo and Aldo Sambrell. It was released in English as Snow White and 7 Wise Men.

The Biancaneve comic book has lasted for 94 issues, distributed in 4 series:

1st series: 1-2
2nd series: 1-12
3rd series: 1-12
4th series: 1-68.

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