Biathlon World Championships 1988

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The 5th women's world championships were held in 1988 for the second time in Chamonix, France.[1] This was the last time that there were held separate world championships for women.

Women's results[edit]

10 km individual[edit]

Medal Name Nation Penalties Result
Petra Schaaf  FRG
Eva Korpela  SWE
Anne Elvebakk  NOR

5 km sprint[edit]

Medal Name Nation Penalties Result
Anne Elvebakk  NOR
Elin Kristiansen  NOR
Venera Chernychova  URS

3 × 5 km relay[edit]

Medal Name Nation Penalties Result
Soviet Union

Venera Chernychova
Elena Golovina
Kaija Parve


Elin Kristiansen
Anne Elvebakk
Mona Bollerud


Eva Korpela
Inger Björkbom
Mia Stadig


Medal table[edit]

Place Nation Total
1  Norway 1 2 1 4
2  Soviet Union 1 0 1 2
3  West Germany 1 0 0 1
4  Sweden 0 1 1 2