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This is a bibliography of major works on the History of Canada.

Further information: Bibliography of Canada

Atlases, geography, environment[edit]

Surveys (Overviews)[edit]

Provinces and territories[edit]


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Prior to 1763[edit]





Since 1957[edit]



Military history[edit]

Official histories[edit]

Economic history[edit]


Business history[edit]

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Political and legal[edit]

Cultural history, popular culture[edit]


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Social, ethnicity, religion, and population[edit]

Women, gender, family[edit]

Historiography and guides to the scholarly literature[edit]

  • See also List of Canadian historians
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Primary sources[edit]

Historical statistics[edit]

  • Statistics Canada. Historical Statistics of Canada. 2d ed., Ottawa: Statistics Canada, 1983.
  • Canada Year Book (CYB) annual 1867-1967
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  • Statistics Canada (October 27, 2010). Canada Year Book. Ottawa: Federal Publications (Queen of Canada). Catalogue no 11-402-XPE. 

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