Bicycle Days

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Bicycle Days
First edition (US)
Author John Burnham Schwartz
Cover artist Scott Hunt
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Summit Books (US)
Heinemann (UK)
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 255
ISBN 0-671-66600-2

Bicycle Days is the debut novel by American author John Burnham Schwartz published in 1989 on his 24th birthday.[1] It began as an undergraduate thesis for Harvard's East Asian Studies department and became a critically acclaimed bestseller. It was inspired by his time living in Japan.[2]

Plot Introduction[edit]

The book follows Alec Stern as he arrives in Tokyo, newly graduated from Yale he starts a new job, living with a new family and the book follows him as he adapts to the culture, made far easier by his ability to speak Japanese...


Reviews were generally positive :

  • The New York Times, "Reminiscent of A Good Man in Africa...or one of Kingsley Amis's gentler comodies of manners."[3]
  • Publishers Weekly called this a "promising, if overly self-absorbed debut novel." [4]
  • People commented "it's too bad Schwartz wrote his intimate story in the third person. As it is, Schwartz outlines the most incidental happenings of Alec's life without letting us get inside his mind. It's as if a great deal yet not nearly enough has been revealed in Bicycle Days."[5]

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