Biding My Time

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This article is about a song by Pink Floyd. For the George and Ira Gershwin composition, see Bidin' My Time.
"Biding My Time"
Song by Pink Floyd from the album Relics
Released May 1971
Recorded July 1969[1]
Genre Blues, progressive rock
Length 5:18

Starline (orig), MFP (reissue) (UK)

Harvest/Capitol, Capitol Records (US)
Writer Roger Waters
Producer Norman Smith
Relics track listing

"Biding My Time" is a composition by Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters.[2][3]

Prior performance and recording[edit]

Prior to the Relics compilation album, "Biding My Time" was an unreleased recording, heard only by fans who attended concerts where the band performed their early concept piece, The Man and The Journey, where the song appeared as "Afternoon". During the song a trombone can be heard which is played by keyboardist Richard Wright.[4] The lyrics talk about the narrator spending his time with a woman he loves and forgetting the "bad days" when they were both "workin' from nine to five".



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