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The III Winter Youth Olympic Games will be the third edition of the Winter Youth Olympics; a major international multi-sport event and cultural festival for youths to be celebrated in 2020 in the tradition of the Olympic Games during the XXXII Olympiad. Bids are due by November 28, 2013, the Candidates Cites was selected on December 5, 2014 and the host city will be elected on July 31, 2015.[1][2]

Bidding Calendar[edit]

  • 2013
    • June 6: IOC Invites NOCs to submit applications for 2020 Winter Youth Olympics [1]
    • November 28: Deadline to Submit Bids to IOC
    • December 12: Signature of YOG Candidature Procedure
  • 2014
    • January 14 - 16: IOC Workshop for 2020 YOG Applicant Cities in Lausanne
    • June 17: Submission of YOG Application Files
    • August 16 - 28: Observer Program at 2014 Summer Youth Olympics in Nanjing
    • December 5: Candidates Cites Two Cites in Lausanne
  • 2015
    • June 1-2: Video conferences between Candidate Cities and IOC Evaluation Commission
    • July 31: Election of the Host City

Candidates cities[edit]

Two cities have submitted their application to the International Olympic Committee by the November 28, 2013 deadline.[3]

Switzerland Lausanne, Switzerland[edit]

Lausanne confirmed their bid for the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics on July 12, 2013. Lausanne is where the International Olympic Committee is headquartered and is considered to be the Olympic capital.[4] On December 12, 2013 Lausanne was signed Youth Olympic Game Candidature Procedure.

Romania Brașov, Romania[edit]

Brașov has officially submitted their bid for the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics in November, 2013. In early 2013, Brașov hosted the 2013 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival.[5] On December 12, 2013 Brasov was signed Youth Olympic Game Candidature Procedure.[6]

Other cities which had considered a bid[edit]


Sofia was going to bid for the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics but did not submit a bid citing that they did not fill the requirements set by the IOC. The Bulgarian Olympic Committee is interested in the city potentially bidding for the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics.[7]

North America[edit]

Lake Placid hosted the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. Lake Placid was interested in bidding for the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics but opted to bid for 2020 instead.[8] Lake Placid hosted the sixth IOC Athlete Career Program Forum from November 8 to November 11, 2012.[9]


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