Bielany, Kraków

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Camaldolese Priory in Bielany, Kraków
Water supply plant, 1900
This article is about a neighbourhood of Kraków. There are also districts in Toruń and Warsaw with the same name.

Bielany [bʲɛˈlanɨ], originally a village near Kraków (Poland), since 1941 one of its neighbourhoods, located some 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) west of the city centre. Nowadays Bielany is a part of Kraków's Zwierzyniec District.

The first written record of Bielany comes from the 12th century. A Camaldolese monastery was established there in the first half of the 17th century, damaged in 1655 during the Polish-Swedish war and rebuilt after a fire in 1814.

In 1901, after 30 years' deliberation and planning, Kraków's first municipal water supply plant opened in Bielany. Additional capacity was provided in 1917, and the plant is still in use today.

The Little Bielany Rocks nature reserve (Polish: Rezerwat Skałki Bielańskie) on the southern slope of the monastery hill was established in 1957.


Coordinates: 50°02′45″N 19°50′26″E / 50.04583°N 19.84056°E / 50.04583; 19.84056